Respect the Law

Legal and ethical responsibilities typically overlap. State and Federal fishing and hunting regulations exist to protect our access, resource, wildlife, and other hunters. Following game laws is a cornerstone of outdoor etiquette.


Respect Guides and Landowners

Many of our fishing and hunting activities take place on privately owned properties. When you are granted access to private lands and waterways through Migrate, or by the good graces of a friend, everyone in your group has the responsibility to follow written and unwritten rules. Most of us have grown up learning the rules of fishing and hunting etiquette from a responsible family member. We've learned that we should always base our actions on common sense and respect. For instance;

  • Many landowners ask that gates be closed; however, most often the unwritten rule of is to leave gates as you found them, sometimes open, sometimes closed.
  • Waterfowl hunters may need to move decoys and blinds into a planted field. Most farmers allow vehicle access provided conditions are dry, and the hunters drive between swaths, not on them.
  • Conduct your outdoor activities with as little intrusion as possible. Consider where you park, set up camp and enjoy your downtime. Out of sight, out of mind is a good rule to follow.
  • If you have questions, always ask your landowner or guide.

Respect Land and Waterways

Adventurists proclaim with pride that we're the ultimate conservationists. Always reinforce this concept through your actions and responsibility to the land.

  • Leave no trace. Pick-up any trash or debris, and leave any outdoor space better than you found it.

Respect Wildlife

Wildlife management authorities monitor populations and allow harvests based on sustainability. Likewise, many hunters will fill as many tags as they are permitted by law.

Regardless of regulations, hunters, share a responsibility for managing game populations. Over-harvest creates irreversible problems.

The Migrate Outfitter’s Guest Process
  1. 1 Find and request an adventure
  2. 2Once your host confirms your booking, you will be charged the deposit amount plus our platform charge.
  3. 3Enjoy your adventure and have a great time, take great pictures to share.
  4. 4Your host will confirm when the adventure has ended through Migrate.
  5. 5You will receive a notification by text and/or email with a link to pay.
  6. 6Pay the remaining balance in person, or through your Migrate account. Always collect a receipt when paying in person.
  7. 7Please tip your host or guide, then rate and review the adventure.
  8. 8 Book your next adventure!
Getting to Know Your Host

Migrate creates connections to people and outdoor adventures.
Getting to know your host will help you get the most from your experience.

  1. 1 Understand the requirements, laws, schedules, payments, extra costs and expectations outlined by your host to avoid any surprises.
  2. 2 Understand the package you’ve signed up for and any details such as knowing what to bring for your adventure. If you have questions, please contact your host.
  3. 3Follow the outlined cancellation policy and understand how inclement weather may affect your plans, or the need to reschedule your adventure.
  4. 4Save your host’s contact information and meeting location, so that it’s readily accessible in remote areas where cell and internet access is limited.
  5. 5Provide any information such as skill level or experiences that will help your host meet your needs. If your host has questions, please respond promptly to ensure the best possible experience.
  6. 6 Please review Migrate Outfitter’s Terms and Conditions