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Fishing In Alabama

When looking for an Alabama fishing experience, we recommend reading the below so you know where to go and gain some understanding of what you'll be fishing. With so many fishing guide services in Alabama, the number of fishing opportunities in Alabama is numerous.

Let's begin with your options for species of fish in Alabama. When you book a fishing trip you will have the choice of Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Alligator Gar (state record 159 lbs 9 oz), White Crappie, Trout (state record 9 lbs 1 oz), and Walleye (state record 10 lbs 14 oz) for your freshwater fishing. Saltwater fishing species in Alabama are numerous; some of the most popular are red snapper, Cobia, Grouper, Drum, Marlin, Snapper, Tuna, and Triggerfish.

The official state fish of Alabama is the Fighting Tarpon. This bright silver fish saltwater fish is well-known for its thrashing out of the water and incredible size, reaching 100lbs or more! Many anglers will agree that seeing this beautiful fish jerking, thrashing, and clearing the water is one of the most exciting experiences an angler can have on the world-class Alabama coastline.
  • Best Fishing in Alabama

    Fishing in Gulf Shores

    • Gulf Shores and Orange Beach fishing are the two best places to fish in Alabama. This area runs along the Gulf of Mexico and is an old fishing town at its roots. That means fishing is in the local fishing guide's blood here. If you can get here with your family, especially during the red snapper season, rest assured that if you head out to enjoy the fishing spots or stay and enjoy the nearby entertainment will have a memory of a lifetime.

    Pickwick Lake Fishing

    • Pickwick Lake is unique in that it's home to not just one trophy species, but three! Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass trophies are all caught in this beautiful lake. This lake has a surface area of over 43,000 acres, with an average depth of 21 feet. This lake is a constant on the Bassmaster Top 100 bass lakes.

    Tennessee River Fishing

    • Have you been searching for a trophy catfishing river? Look no further! Some of these big cats have been known to weigh close to or even above 100 lbs. Tennessee River is the river that connects all of Alabamas most magnificent fishing lakes. These lakes, many on the "Alabama Bass Trail," include Wheeler Lake, Lewis Smith Lake, and Lake Martin.

    Fort Morgan Fishing

    • Fort Morgan is home to some excellent surf fishing, even with this method, many anglers land the big one. However, if you don't know where to go and aren't an expert in the area, then we highly recommend finding a fishing guide to show you the ropes of this beautiful coastline first. We recommend targetting White Trout at the west side of the beach, near where it makes a turn into the bay.

    Lake Guntersville Fishing

    • A top fishing destination in Alabama. Lake Guntersville is one of the state's prized public fishing lakes. You won't have a problem on this lake finding a full-service Bass fishing guide. The official record catch on this lake is a hefty 14.5 pounds! Enjoy fishing the grass flats, and various creeks found around the lake.

    Other Fishing Spots

    • Lay Lake, Sipsey Fork, and Lewis Smith Lake.
  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    You can purchase a license online or walk-in to any license agent, including Walmart and local outdoor sporting goods stores. When looking for fishing charters in Alabama, check to see if they include the license needed for your offshore fishing trip.

    Residents who are 16-64 years old are required to have a fishing license. If you're visiting for vacation, then you will need to purchase a license if you're over the age of 16. Fishing from a pier still requires a fishing license. If you live in the county you're fishing on the shore in, then Alabama does not require a fishing license. Fishing private waters don't need a fishing license, but Alabama does require the permission of the landowner. In all cases, check with your local fish and game authorities by visiting Outdoor Alabama.

Fishing Calendar for the Best Times to Fish in Alabama


Where: Lay Lake

Species: Largemouth Bass


Where: Pier Fishing

Species: Redfish


Where: Lay Lake

Species: Spotted Bass


Where: Orange Beach

Species: Cobia


Where: Gulf Shores

Species: Croaker


Where: Gulf Shores

Species: Blue Marlin


Where: Gulf Shores

Species: Sharks


Where: Gulf Shores

Species: King Mackeral


Where: Alabama Coast

Species: Red Snapper


Where: Gulf Coast

Species: Crevalle Jack


Where: Orange Beach

Species: Silver Sea Trout


Where: Fort Morgan

Species: Flounder


Is snagging fish illegal in Alabama?

It is illegal to snag fish with a snag line or jug line in lakes owned by the state of Alabama.

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