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Fishing in Lake Guntersville

When fishing in Lake Guntersville, target Largemouth Bass! It's a mecca for both the most well-traveled professional anglers and those traveling across the country to cast into one of our nation's best man-made fishing lakes off of their fishing trip bucket list.

Fishing charters fishing in Guntersville Lake attracts their fair share of professional anglers looking for tips for their next tournament. Still, they also are great at switching gears and teaching novice anglers how to perfect the basics. Many Guntersville Lake fishing guides are family-friendly and love to introduce children to the sport of fishing and focus on just having a good time.

For those wanting to enjoy a fishing trip with the kids, we recommend a half-day fishing trip. These trips usually last around 4 hours, and they can look forward to learning how to catch fish, how to act on a big boat safely, wildlife watching, and some guides love to show the kids how to find the numerous types of baitfish, such as Bream, Bluegill, and Redear Sunfish.
  • What's Fishing in Lake Guntersville Known For?

    Out of all the fishing lakes in Alabama, this one is the state's largest lake (69,100 acres), and is noted nationally for large bass!

    Guntersville Lake was created by the Tennessee River Valley Authority through the building of the Guntersville Dam. When the Dam was constructed, it turned the town of Guntersville into a peninsula bordered town located near Huntsville, Alabama, about an hour's drive. Facts and history are interesting to know, but let's talk about the large bass Lake Guntersville is known for.

    A little under 30 years ago, an angler pulled an incredible 14 pound 8-ounce Largemouth Bass from these waters, setting the bass community into a frenzy. The record for the lake still stands today, but that doesn't mean a share of anglers hasn't come close to breaking it. As recently as February of 2019, Tyler Mahaffey gave it a run for its money. He pulled up to the boat ramp with a 13 pound 7-ounce specimen!

    When you book a bass fishing guide on Guntersville Lake, you should know that Tyler released that trophy back into the water, and the next time it's hooked... it could break more than a state record!

  • Fishing Lake Guntersville Licenses and Regulations

    All residents in Alabama will need a freshwater fishing license to fish the public lakes. For more details on the requirements, where to buy an Alabama fishing license, and who is exempt, please check our Alabama Fishing page for more information.

    • Largemouth Bass on Guntersville Reservoir must be at minimum 15 inches in length to posses. If your bass meets the length requirement, then you are allowed to keep a maximum of a combined 10 Black Bass per day per angler, and no more than 5 of those may be Smallmouth Bass.
    • Those angling for a variety of fish, and looking to catch Crappie, will need to make sure the fish is 9 inches or longer, to keep for your dinner plate.

    Lake Guntersville is home to quality angling, and that's not by mistake. The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has set precise regulations so that current and future anglers can enjoy the same experience. Fishing for trophy bass is fun, and anglers should take pride in their role in the conservation efforts. Do your best to leave it better than you found it, and if you have any questions, your Guntersville Lake bass fishing guide can steer you in the right direction.

  • Types of Fishing in Lake Guntersville

    Lake Guntersville is a vast, at 69,000 acres, so feeling like your casting out into an ocean on a whim can be an issue. We have some fishing tips we've gathered from the local fishing reports in the area to get you in the right fishing spot, with the best Largemouth Bass lure, and at the right time of year.

    • Learning the most popular and most productive fishing locations can make you a good angler some of the time. If a person says "Fish at Nickajack Dam," a fisherman can toss a lure and give it a go, but if the fish have moved locations or aren't biting, you are left with an empty stringer. The best fishing guides on Lake Guntersville know how the currents, vegetation, seasons, and smaller fish movements affect which fishing spot is best.
    • Current will affect how much bass are moving, where they are located, can also affect what direction the bass is facing. If the flow is intense, try fishing where there is a natural break in the current. An excellent choice is a natural hump under the water. If the current is slow, cast into the shallow water vegetation areas. Prime native fish habitat includes milfoil grass lines and hydrilla.
    • What depth you fish at will change with the season, but a proper technique is to keep your boat on a breakpoint in about 8 feet of water where a far cast is needed to reach the shoreline. Then cast towards the shore and let your setup fall to about 5-7 feet at the break.

    Check out the next section to find the best seasons to fish!

  • Best Time for Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing

    You can certainly catch fish in large numbers during the swimsuits and sunshine seasons of the year, but for trophy Largemouth Bass February, March and April are the best time to cast a line.


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