Fishing in Beaver Lake

The lake offers a massive 28,370-acres of surface water, 487 miles of shoreline, and 8 different species of fish. The most popular fish on the lake are the White Bass, Crappie, and Striped Bass.

You can find a fantastic Striper fishing guide near Eureka Springs, AR, by looking about 15 miles to the west at Beaver Lake. If you don't want to head out on a boat, Bertrand Access is located north of the Beaver Dam Site Park, before the river eventually turns into Table Rock Lake, and provides excellent public access for fishing.

Beaver lake offers handicap-accessible areas for fishing, these areas are located at Hickory Creek Pier and Prairie Creek Pier. Some Beaver Lake, Arkansas fishing guides offer handicap-accessible fishing trips. Boat launches are available at over 13 different locations on the lake, so give your guide service captain a call before you are scheduled to meet up, to ensure you're at the proper boat ramp.
  • Known For

    Guided Striper fishing trips on this lake make Northwest Arkansas headlines for all the right reasons. In fact, the current Arkansas State Record is from the tailwater section of this lake and weighed in at a remarkable 64 pounds and 8 ounces.

    Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    For starters, you will need an Arkansas Fishing License to participate in recreational fishing on this public body of water owned by the Corps of Engineers. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Striped Bass, and Walleye have regulations to control the fish you harvest.

    • If bass fishing is on the agenda, know that Smallmouth and Largemouth both must be at least 15 inches to keep, with a combined Black Bass bag limit of up to 6 (this includes Spotted Bass).
    • When deciding to keep or not keep your Striper catch, you should know that your catch must be at least 20 inches long and that the combined bag limit for Hybrid Striped Bass and Striped Bass is three. That is very important, considering it is a much lower bag limit than a lot of lakes.
    • Walleye has a strict bag limit of 4 per angler per day and must be at least 18 inches long to keep.

    Keeping up with the local rules, regulations, and ethics of any fishing hole is an integral part of being an angler. Migrate Outfitters recommends you always check for updates to laws and regulations by using the online resources provided by the Arkansas Game and Fish Department and asking your fishing guide of any questions or concerns.

  • Types of Fishing

    Arkansas Striper fishing Beaver Lake is all about the size and not the number of fish in the water. In April, the big fish can be found deep in the water within 6 miles of the dam. For taking advantage of this fishing spot, try using cut bait shad and fish straight down with your lines.

  • Best Season to Fish

    Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas Striper fishing is at its best during the early Spring. The area to target during this time is where the War Eagle River and White River come together. This upper portion of the river has been known to produce trophy Striper year after year, and with the Dogwoods in full bloom, you'll have the perfect backdrop for your fishing adventure photo.

    If you're looking for the perfect family-friendly fishing trip, book a half-day fishing trip and let the guide know you would like to target fishing for White Bass. The lake is filled with this species of fish, and the fast-action fishing will keep the children engaged, especially during late April and early May.


When was Beaver Lake created?

Beaver Lake was created to help control flooding of the white river after the Great Flood in 1927. Construction on the dam was not fully complete until 1966!

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