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Fishing In Bull Shoals Lake

Fishing Bull Shoals Lake provides anglers with the opportunity to catch many fish species, such as channel catfish, spotted bass, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, crappie, white bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, and white bass.
  • Known For

    Known as a 71,000 acre created by the White River in 1951. This reservoir has over 700-miles of shoreline, providing anglers with many different access points. In fact, its the largest lake in Arkansas, but it's a border lake that shares its clear waters with Missouri.

    There are numerous resorts, cabins, and campgrounds for those wanting to stay close to the fun!

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    It’s important to know the unique rules when fishing a border lake, such as Bull Shoals.

    The Missouri Department of Conservation and the Arkansas Fish and Wildlife provide great online resources for staying up to date with statewide and lake specific bag limits, size requirements, and fishing license needs. It's every anglers responsibility to follow these rules. A lot of time and effort has gone into finding the right balance to maintain and improve our nation's resources for future generations.

  • Types of Fishing

    The best kind of fishing for Bulls Shoals Lake depends on the species of fish your after, the time of year, and the weather. Below are some fishing tips from some of the best fishing reports in the area.

    • During winter, baitfish are very sluggish and will look like they are swimming after a few too many adult beverages. Meanwhile, the Black Bass are acting like they just finished Thanksgiving Dinner and will barely move for some food. To catch a Largemouth Bass, or Smallmouth Bass during this time try tying on a jerk bait, let it suspend in the water and move it around slowly. It just might fall for an easy snack put right in front of its face.
    • During the summer, crappie fishing and bass fishing will require targeting areas of deep water on Bulls Shoals Lake. You can drop a jig to 20-30 feet deep over some brush piles for crappie or cast a deep-diving crankbait as far as you can, allowing the lure to get deep enough before it arrives back to the boat.
    • High catch rates during the spring are found by casting plastic worms or your best weedless lure into the flooded brush areas. This method of fishing takes advantage of them protecting their territory.
  • Best Season to Fish

    For the most part, fish on a specific lake will follow the same patters in reaction to the time of year and weather. The best months to fish Bull Shoals Lake is during the period from October to November. The water temperatures are starting to drop fast, and fish are preparing for the winter ahead. This feeding frenzy can be taken advantage of by fishing the deeper water areas at the opening of creeks.

    Fishing is called "fishing" for a reason, and you can be in the highest percentage area at the right time of day, but don't catch fish. Booking a Bull Shoals Lake fishing guide can increase your chances even further, and your captain can show you their Plan B and Plan C for bending your fishing rod.


What is Bull Shoals Lake level?

As a dam lake, the Bulls Shoals Lake level changes constantly. Throughout the year, the level will move within a range of 50 feet, from 690 feet to 630 feet of elevation.

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