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Fishing Little Red River

Anglers can find Brown Trout, Brook Trout, and Cutthroat Trout. However, the most popular species of fish in the Little Red River is the Brown Trout. So book a fly fishing guide on the Little Red River and you will be learning from some of the best fly fishermen and women in the country.
  • Known For

    The Little Red River in Arkansas became known for excellent trout fishing when a 40-pound and four-ounce world record brown trout was landed in 1992. The Brown Trout was caught by angler “Rip” Collins near Heber Springs. In 1959, the Little Red was dammed up for energy, economic benefits of recreation, and flood control. When the river was dammed and formed Greers Ferry Lake in flooded towns and various hamlets beneath hundreds of feet of water.

    An interesting fact about the Litte Red River is when the dam was completed in 1962 it would be the last significant public appearance by President J.F.K. before his assassination in Dallas, Texas.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    The rules and regulations can charge from one fishing spot to the next and the Little Red River in Arkansas are no different. We recommend that all anglers check with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission before meeting up with your fishing guide service.

    Fishing licenses can be purchased online or at your local Walmart.

  • Little Red River Trout Fishing

    Little Red River Trout Fishing is a far cry from the stereotypical catfish noodling fishing trips in Arkansas that people from out of state my envision. The trout fishing has been restored to a premium level with the careful stocking of fish, and the passionate local fly fishing anglers who have developed new techniques and fishing strategies.

  • Best Season for Little Red River Fly Fishing

    If you want to know the best time of year for booking a Little Red River fly fishing trip it simply depends on the fishing trip experience you’re looking for since fish can be caught year-round.

    During the winter months fly fishing during the coldest days will bring out the best bites. During the Spring months, Rainbow Trout fishing will start to heat up. During the hot days of summer, the cool water being discharged from Greer’s Ferry Lake will provide not only an excellent escape from the heat but fantastic fishing. Fall is the most beautiful time of year in Arkansas, it’s also when Brown Trout are at their peak.


What kind of fish are in the Little Red River?

Trout is the most prominent species found in Little Red. Recent attempts have been made to reintroduce sport fish, such as walleye and smallmouth bass, to the section of the Little Red River near Searcy.

Where does the Little Red River start?

How long is the Little Red River?

How cold is the Little Red River?

How do you fish the Little Red River?