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Fishing In Lake

If you have a hankering to fish for trout, then cast a line on the White River for a world-class fishing experience. The beautiful thing about the river, besides the incredible scenery, is that anglers can have success in many different sections of the river. It doesn't matter if you're fishing the North Fork River sections, or if you're fishing above or below Bull Shoals Dam, the trout are there waiting for your fly to hit the water.
  • Known For

    This river is known around the country for its top-notch guided trout fishing trips and the breathtaking views of the Ozarks, anglers can enjoy while eating a fresh shore lunch. We have researched this winding body of water and found that it has accounted for 16 state fishing records and even a world record Brown Trout record in 1992 that hit the scales at 40 pounds and 4 ounces, so this isn't another fishing story.

    This 720 miles of river power supports Beaver Lake, Little Red River, and Greers Ferry Lake. You might have heard of its famous tributary, the Buffalo National River, which flows for 150 miles past beautiful limestone cliffs.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    On the entire river keeping Smallmouth Bass requires the fish to be greater than or equal to 12 inches in length. However, for other rules and regulations, it's best to view the Arkansas Game and Fish website for specific rules if the section of the river you'll be fishing.

  • Types of Fishing

    You don't have to be an expert fly fisher to take advantage of some fishing techniques that will make you a better angler. The main thing to know is that White River fly fishing techniques are, like most things outdoors, controlled by the seasons.

    • The river in the summer will cause an angler to wake up every morning and wonder what the levels will be like for that day, and then they might change by the time you arrive. The fishing will be excellent for a variety of strategies, so the best type of fishing you can do is safe fishing. Stay alert to changing water levels and pick out a rock or natural marker to check the levels frequently, so you are alerted to any shifts in conditions. You might not hear the horn for the dam.
    • Fall fly fishing is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the weather and water conditions and spend a day wade fishing. For the information, we have gathered a tan or olive-colored fly with a big or small pattern that will produce some great results for dry fly fishermen or women.
    • If you see an angler on the White River, especially near the Norfolk area during the winter, they are after one thing... big trout! For those brave enough to face the bitter cold, when the air is still cloudy, try tying on a Blue-Winged Olive and keep your imitations small.
    • During the springtime, specifically March, the fishing starts to become a little more predictable, but think about booking a fishing trip on a drift boat, due to the changing conditions. This month may have the most consistent fishing. Still, it probably has some of the most inconsistent water levels, so having an expert showing you the right fishing spot for that specific date is essential for making the most out of your travels.
  • Best Seasons to Fish

    The best time to experience a trout fishing trip on the White River depends on what kind of fishing experience you're wanting to have.

    Fly fishing guides recommend the months of April through early June as the best months to catch fish in large numbers. From January to March, you can land some trophy Brown Trout.

    What's more important for the larger fish is the water levels. Often the lower the water levels, the harder it becomes to approach the bigger fish. So after your Trout fishing guide accepts your booking, give them a call and ask them about water levels, what to expect, and the fly fishing gear they would recommend for the date of your booking.

    White River fishing charters who offer drift fishing from one of their John boats will experience the best water levels during the summer months. Family-friendly guide services offering these full-day or half-day float trips are a perfect way for the entire family to see the river and get introduced to trout fishing.

    In all honesty, there is really never a wrong time to find yourself enjoying some White River Trout fishing.


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