Fishing in Florida

Fishing charters in Florida can be found all over the coastline, from Key West to Panama City. The unique thing about this state is that if you see water, you can bet that the fish are there waiting to provide you with non-stop action. For those new to the area, you will need to know about where to go fishing in Florida.

Blue Water fishing if 100 miles or more out and is for the most adrenaline-seeking anglers. Natural reefs and artificial reefs can be found all around the state's waters. It's part of the reason this area has the most shipwrecks in the world.

If staying close is more your thing, you can fish one of the more than 1,500 islands, Florida islands, or enjoy fishing from one of the many beaches where fishing is allowed. Seagrass beds are an excellent place to find Grouper, Bonefish, or Snook.
  • Best Fishing in Florida

    Florida Keys Fishing

    • If you're on a fishing boat in the Florida Keys, your living life amongst some of the most beautiful and productive bodies of water, the United States has to offer. This is a tropical island fishing vacation destination located roughly 120 miles off of Florida mainland. When you hop off the boat after a long productive day of deep-sea fishing, you can quench your saltwater lips and at one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.
    • Affordable Florida fishing charters are plentiful in this prime fishing spot, so the key here will be picking the right time of the season for catching your favorite species of saltwater fish. Some of our favorites are Amberjack fishing in May, Bonita fishing the Florida Keys in March, Wahoo fishing in August, and Grouper fishing in July.
    • Did you know that over 600 rod and reel world records have been caught off of the Florida Keys coastline? However, if you find yourself wanting to mix it up from the standard rod and reel, then grab ahold of a spear and go spearfishing.

    Charlotte Harbor Fishing

    • Charlotte harbor and the Boca Grande Pass are home to "Highest Paying Tarpon Fishing tournament in the World," helping to give it it's next title of " The Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World"!
    • With the second largest natural estuary in Florida and being featured as the backdrop for numerous significant films, its beautiful shorelines, islands, and waters, it's hard to think of a better place for a day fishing trip. Spotted Sea Trout, Sharks, Cobia, Grouper, and so many more can be found in these fertile fishing grounds.
    • With so many options, be sure to check out our Florida Fishing Calendar below, so you know when to go for the fish species you prefer. If you want to try shark fishing, Charlotte Harbor, then hop aboard a sport-fishing charter and drive up to the Grass Flats and cast your line. Catch, then cut up some Blue Fish, place it on a circle hook (we recommend size 6) and throw it in an area that is in about 7 feet of water next to a significant drop-off. After you cast your line, with a wire leader, let the bait float to the bottom.

    Destin Florida Fishing

    • Destin, Fl fishing is the perfect mix of private charters for family-friendly fishing excursions, advance angler fishing packages, and unparalleled beaches. The white sands and the emerald green waters are enough for a full day's worth escape and happiness. It doesn't matter if you head 9 miles offshore and float above 300-feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico or stay closer and enjoy a quick day trip in 75 feet of water you will quickly find out why Destin is called "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village."
    • If you stay closer to shore, the fishing report tells us that you can expect to catch Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish, Shark, King Mackerel, Bonito, and many many more! Check out our fishing calendar to find out which type of fishing is best during your fishing trip.

    Lake Okeechobee Fishing

    • Enjoy the best freshwater fishing the Sunshine State has to offer! The lake is over 700 square miles, located between Fort Myers and West Palm Beach, and is filled with trophy-sized bass. With so many great fishing spots to cover, you can be sure that the guides on this lake come prepared with the large engines on their boat to get you to where you need to be.
    • When looking at Florida fishing vacations, you start to realize many of the Florida fishing trips take place in fishing capitals of the world, Lake Okeechobee is no different. This body of water is tricky to say its name so you can call it "The Black Bass Capital of the World" or as we like to call it... "The Big O"!

    Butler Chain of Lakes Fishing

    • Orlando, Florida, is best known for Disney World, which is probably why this chain of lakes is one of the best-kept secrets in Florida. The chain of lakes is comprised of 12 main lakes, Fish Lake, Lake Sheen, Pocket Lake, Lake Tibet, Lake Chase, Lake Isleworth, Wauseon Bay, Lake Louise, Lake Butler, Little Lake Down, and the bigger Lake Down.
    • The waters on this lake are clear, so light tackle and line are paramount to hooking fish. This is definitely a lake that requires a more tactical approach to landing a big largemouth bass in your boat.
    • The bass caught on this lake can range just shy of 10 pounds, but need to be hooked on the tackle that will get its limits pushed. Fishing with live bait is the preferred method by many. However, you might get a chance to ask one of the many celebrities who own a home on this chain which way they prefer.

    Rodman Reservoir Fishing

    • This 9,500-acre reservoir completes the top section of the Ocala National Forest and is connected to Big "O" Lake. We included this lake on the list for its ability to bring in near-record bass even from the shoreline. About 20 years ago, a new state record was missed by a margin smaller than an ounce. For an expert fishing tip, we recommend heading to the stump fields and try tossing out some live bait or spinnerbaits.
    • Check out our Florida Fishing Calendar for more information on the best seasons to fish.

    Other Fishing Spots:

    • Cedar Key, Stuart, Steinhatchee, St. Augustine, Panama City, Marco Island, Miami, and Panama City Beach
  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    The first thing to know is a licensed Florida Fishing Charter will have your fishing license taken care of, so all you will need to do is show up with a happy attitude, proper footwear, and sunscreen.

    If you're fishing freshwater or not fishing with a licensed fishing charter, then you will want to read up on the rules and regulations for when you need to purchase a license and where you can buy a Florida fishing license.

    A Freshwater Fishing License is not required for youth under the age of 16. Angler 16 years or older will need to purchase a freshwater fishing license. A resident fishing license costs $17, and a non-resident annual license costs $47. If you're a non-resident on vacation or just visiting, then you may want to check out the 3-Day non-resident license for only $17.

    Florida is an area where saltwater and freshwater tend to mix a lot or are right next to each other, if that's the case where you will be getting a line wet, then you will be required to purchase a saltwater license as well.

    For a Saltwater Fishing License, let's start with the basics. The license costs are the same as the freshwater, but when saltwater fishing, you need to consider one of several permits depending on what your fishing for.

    The following activities require a special permit; shore-based shark fishing, snook fishing, tarpon fishing, spiny lobster, blue crab, and stone crab trapping. When deciding the correct license and permits, always check with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Fishing Calendar for the Best Times to Fish in Florida


Where: Key Largo

Species: Sailfish


Where: Lake Okeechobee

Species: Black Crappie


Where: Largemouth Bass

Species: Lake Okeechobee


Where: Florida Keys

Species: Wahoo


Where: Miami

Species: Barracuda


Where: Destin

Species: Red Fish


Where: Destin

Species: Tarpon


Where: Swordfish

Species: Destin


Where: Charlotte Harbor

Species: Spotted Sea Trout


Where: Butler Chain of Lakes

Species: Largemouth Bass


Where: Destin

Species: Snook


Where: Key West

Species: Wahoo


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