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Fishing in Lake Allatoona

A variety of Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Hybrid Bass, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Bream, Striped Bass, Crappie, Redear Sunfish, and Hybrid Striped Bass are all available on one of Georgia's best fishing destinations.

However, your best chances when fishing Lake Allatoona, GA, are with White Crappie, White Bass, Spotted Bass, and Hybrid Striped Bass.
  • Known For

    Located just 30 miles from Atlanta, this 11,860-acre reservoir is a result of the damming the Etowah River. The Corps of Engineers constructed a dam on Lake Allatoona and flooded the region in 1949. Since then, over 25 parks and 10 campgrounds have been built, allowing visitors to hike, camp, picnic, or just get away. Finally, the 270 miles of shorelines are home to 8 marinas and 26 boat ramps, making accessing your favorite fishing spot quick and easy.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    A valid Georgia freshwater fishing license is required for anyone fishing the waters of Allatoona Lake. Residents can purchase one online or at a nearby sporting good store, such as Walmart, for $15. Non-residents can buy a one day license for $15.

    You can find more information online and stay up to date with the current rules and regulations through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Division.

    A local "Good to Know" is that you will need some cash for accessing the day-use areas.

  • Types of Fishing

    Allatoona Lake offers many species and honey holes to cast your line in. If you want to cut to the chase, learn from the best and booking a fishing trip with an Allatoona Lake fishing guide. These hard-working folks spend all year fishing these waters and therefore stay in sync with patterns of the fish in this lake. Either way, below we have provided a few fishing tips to get you started.

    • Lake Allatoona Catfish fishing is excellent in the deep pools lined with bedrock near the Etowah River. While that area is fantastic for Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish can be found near the underwater wooden structure spots along the lake's coves. These specific areas targetted with cut bait or chicken livers can result in a high rate of success when trying to catch a Georgia Catfish.
    • Hybrid Striped Bass fishing to fill your limit involves casting a spinner or spoon during the summer months. We have been told trolling in about 20-30 feet of water, less than one-mile from Galt Ferry's Boat Ramp is a popular choice amongst striper hunters.
    • Crappie fishing here is excellent! Tanyard Creek, Sweetwater Creek, and the Brushy Branch area in Big Cedar creek are all excellent choices for dropping your line. If you haven't booked a fishing charter, you will need to use your fish finder to find the schools of fish near one of the many artificial fish attractors.
    • For Spotted Bass fishing, you really need to know the lake and the movements of these fish, but if you do, you can be rewarded in bunches. However, if you arent in tune with their current changes, you might be left with only a fishing story. Shallow water areas with live bait in May is an excellent place to start for these hard to find fish.

    These fishing tips were gathered from the most trusted local fishing reports, but things can change from day to day, so your fishing guide will know best.

  • Best Seasons to Fish

    This lake has excellent fishing year-round, but crappie fishing in the springtime gained our vote for the best time of year to fish Lake Allatoona. During this time, the fish will move towards the shorelines. This species of fish loves structure, so cast towards, a brush pile or boat dock, and you can fill your cooler in a hurry.


What is under Lake Allatoona?

Under Lake Allatoona lies homes, farms, businesses, streets, and other structures, that made of the town of Allatoona, from when the Etowah River was flooded by the building of Allatoona Dam. When a severe drought hits, like the one in 1986, remanence of the city can be seen.

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