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Fishing In Mississippi

Mississippi is known for a variety of fishing spots, both inland and offshore. So, where do you go for your Mississippi Fishing trip? Check out our list of top fishing destinations in the state, with some local fishing reports to guide your casts.
  • Best Fishing in Mississippi

    Biloxi Fishing

    • Sheepshead, Redfish, Flounder, Black Drum, White Trout, Speckled Sea Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Tripletail, and Cobia can all be found off of the shores of Biloxi, Mississippi. A great choice of affordable Mississippi fishing charters can be located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and are your best bet for a high success rate and memories of a lifetime.
    • If you heading out for a full-day or half-day of charter fishing isn't your thing, then the Mississippi Sound has a great place to fish off a pier at Broadwater Marina.

    Grenada Lake Fishing

    • When checking our fishing lakes for Crappie fishing, Grenada Lake is at the top of our list. This 35,820-acre body of water can regularly produce 3-pound Crappies on your hook. Chances are your Crappie fishing guide will follow the Crappie SpawnDuring pre-spawn Crappie will be in the shallow water. When spawn starts, they will move to around brush and stump roots in late March and early April. In the winter months, try the shallows, or they could also be suspended deep in the water on deep-lying brush piles and underwater structure.

    Gulf Port Fishing

    • The second-largest city in Mississippi offers great offshore fishing charters for Wahoo or Yellowfin Tuna. It also provides some great restaurants, casinos, golf courses, and breweries.

    Ocean Springs Fishing

    • A lot of state parks are located near Ocean Springs, including Shepard State Park and Buccaneer State Park. Nonetheless, head for Ocean Springs Bridge or also known as Highway 90 Biloxi Bay Bridge during the winter for Flounder or Redfish. If its summertime though fish with dead shrimp for Flounder.

    Sardis Lake Fishing

    • It doesn't matter if you're fishing or boating. The winds on this lake can affect where you're enjoying your day. Regardless of the winds of all the state fishing lakes, this is the best for crappies. If the wind is blowing, try Engineer Point, which is one of the few fishing spots where the wind is dampened and is close to a boat ramp for quick access. Marina ditch is our second recommendation since it provides a significant drop off from 16 feet to 26 feet that attract schools of Crappie.

    Other Fishing Spots

    • Long Beach, Grenada Lake, Ross Barnett Reservoir, Enid Lake and Neshoba County State Lake
  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    If you're a resident 16 years old or older, you will need a fishing license to enjoy the public freshwater fishing trip. If you're over the age of 65, you are exempt from needing a fishing license.

    Anglers must have a saltwater license is needed for the locations south of U.S. Highway 90 and I-10. A saltwater fishing license is not valid if you're located north of I-10.

    An annual freshwater license can be bought in combination with small game hunting for $12.29. If you would like to combo the license with an all game hunting license, it will cost $27.29. For those planning to hop aboard a fishing guide, you can purchase a 3-day freshwater for $5.29. Annual resident saltwater fishing license can be bought for $12.29.

    A non-resident 3-day saltwater license can be bought for $18.29 for those interested in an offshore fishing charter. However, if you find yourself on the coast many times throughout the year, you can buy an annual saltwater license for $34.29, including fees.

    One-day freshwater licenses can be bought online or at your nearby sporting goods store for $10.29, or a 3-day can be found for $18.29.

    Before heading out for your fishing spot, it is essential to verify the local rules and regulations by checking online with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks. A fishing license can be purchased online through their website or at most outdoor sporting good stores.

Fishing Calendar for the Best Times to Fish in Mississippi


Where: Chotard Lake

Species: Crappie


Where: Lake Ferguson

Species: Largemouth Bass


Where: Bayou Pierre

Species: White Bass


Where: State Lake

Species: Blue Gills


Where: Mississippi River

Species: Flathead Catfish


Where: Eagle Lake

Species: Hybrid Stripers


Where: Eagle Lake

Species: Largemouth Bass


Where: Mississippi River

Species: Channel Catfish


Where: Sardis Lake

Species: Crappie


Where: Mississippi River

Species: Blue Catfish


Where: Gulf Coast Marsh

Species: Speckled Sea Trout


Where: Pearl River

Species: Spotted Bass


Is noodling legal in Mississippi?

Yes, noodling is legal in Mississippi. Some states have banned the practice because it is more damaging to the fish than standard rod and reel. Since trophy catfish are targeted, it can hurt future generations of large cats.

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