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Fishing in Missouri

The wildlife of the state is in good hands and is only going to keep trending upwards. Missouri is one of the best states for huge Catfish fishing, lunker Trout fishing, and world-class Bass fishing.
  • Best Fishing in Missouri

    Branson Fishing

    • The fantastic thing about Branson is it's near a couple of our top places to fish in Missouri. You can head to Table Rock Lake for some big bass fishing or head to Lake Taneycomo for trophy trout fishing. Don't forget about Bull Shoals, the hidden gem of the three.

    Table Rock Lake Fishing

    • Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappie, and White Bass all provide a fantastic fishing opportunity on this lake. And with the lake hardly ever freezing, its an excellent opportunity for all citizens to take a guided fishing trip during any season of the year.

    Stockton Lake Fishing

    • A 28,000-acre lake reservoir, created by the Army Corps of Engineers. If you're a fisherman or woman looking at a MO fishing trip for Walleye, then this is the lake for you.

    Lake of the Ozarks Fishing

    • Located a weekend trip away from Kansas City, MO, it’s a massive 54,000-acre lake with over 1,150 miles of shoreline. The people of the fish forest and wildlife department have done an excellent job maintaining the surrounding state parks and the waters of one of the best fishing spots in Missouri.

    Roaring River Fishing

    • This place is unique for its rugged beauty and as one of only 3 state parks stocked with Rainbow Trout in the state.

    Other Fishing Spots

    • Stockton, Bennett Spring, and Pomme De Terre
  • Licenses and Regulations

    Rules and Regulations not only change from state to state but also vary from one body or even section of water to another. Being an angler and harvesting fish from their water requires the responsibility of the angler to make sure they are staying educated with the local laws.

    Let's start with a couple of common activities in other states that are not allowed in the state of Missouri.

    • Culling is the practice of taking a smaller fish out of your live-well or off your stringer and putting it back in the water to be replaced with a fish just caught. Culling is not allowed in Missouri. Once you catch fish, you must decide at that moment if you will be keeping the fish or releasing the fish back into the water.
    • Noodling is a technique where an angler will use their hands to catch catfish and pull them from the water. Noodling is strictly prohibited in the state of Missouri. The state prides itself on its incredible catfishing lakes and rivers and has implemented this law to protect a state treasure.

    A Missouri Fishing License or Permit may be purchased online or in-person at one of the many outdoor sporting good stores.

    • A Daily Fishing Permit can be purchased for just $7, for both residents and non-residents. However, for only an additional $5, residents can buy an annual fishing permit. If you're a non-resident to the state, an annual fishing permit can be acquired for $42. White River Border Lakes Permit must be in the possession angler while fishing border state bodies of water, such as Table Rock Lake, Norfork, and Bull Shoals. This permit must be in addition to the fishing permit.
    • A Trout Fishing Permit in Missouri is $7 for any angler wanting to partake in winter fishing the trout parks or year-round fishing in upstream from Highway 65 bridge on Lake Taneycomo.

    The Missouri Department of Conservation is the best and most authoritative resource for staying up to date with rules and regulations. If you have any questions, a Missouri Fishing Charter or Guide is another excellent resource.

Fishing Calendar for the Best Times to Fish in Missouri


Where: Lake Taneycomo

Species: Rainbow Trout


Where: Bull Shoals Lake

Species: Spotted Bass


Where: Lake of the Ozarks

Species: Paddlefish


Where: Pomme De Terre

Species: Crappie


Where: Bull Shoals Lake

Species: Largemouth Bass


Where: Table Rock Lake

Species: Smallmouth Bass


Where: Grand River

Species: Channel Catfish


Where: Mississippi River

Species: Flathead Catfish


Where: North Fork River

Species: Rainbow Trout


Where: Lake of the Ozarks

Species: Largemouth Bass


Where: Table Rock Lake

Species: Walleye


Where: Wappapello Lake

Species: Crappie


Can you fish in the Missouri River?

Yes, anglers can fish in the Missouri River, and you will find a variety of fish such as catfish, hybrid striped bass, crappie, and largemouth bass. You can also fish for trout at locations such as Bennett Spring State Park or Lake Taneycomo.

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