Fishing in The Roaring River

The quality of Rainbow Trout fishing is what makes this a top destination in Missouri.
  • Known For

    Known for fantastic trout fishing and also being confused by anglers looking to enjoy fly fishing the Roaring Fork River in Colorado. However, you won't be making a mistake when choosing this river for trout fishing in Missouri.

    Located just north of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and to the west of Branson, Missouri, this 14.9 long river stems from the famous White River. Typically great fishing lakes are a result of being connected and formed by even better fishing rivers, and this is one of those rivers. Waters from this river help feed another top fishing destination, Table Rock Lake.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    A Trout Fishing Tag and a Fishing Permit is required for all anglers 16 years and older. Resident anglers 65 years and older don't need a license.

    The Missouri Department of Conservation has divided the Roaring River State Park into 3 distinct zones. Each of these zones has their own unique regulations anglers need to follow to protect its fantastic trout fishing for future generations.

    Zone 1 is identified as the area from the hatchery to the posted marker at the mouth of Dry Hollow Creek.

    • Only artificial lures are allowed in this section of the river.
    • No putty based or other baits are allowed.

    Zone 2 begins at the mouth of Dry Hollow Creek and ends at the lower end of Campground number 3.

    • This area allows for swimming and wading.
    • Catch and Release Only

    Zone 3 continues from the old dam and ends at the park's boundary line.

    • Artificial lures and natural or scented baits may be used on this section of the river. This includes putty based baits.

    Trout fishing is allowed from March 1 to October 31. During the winter months, there is a designated catch and release season. For more information on the season for catch and release and all other questions, you should check with the Department of Conservation online or call (417) 847-2539

  • Types of Fishing

    The kind of fishing you choose to reel in your catch will depend on the section of the river your fishing. Zone 1 and Zone 2 don't allow scented baits or putty baits, so you will need to fish with artificial lures or flies only. Area 2, you can enjoy wade fishing. The "Frying Pan River Sections" are Zones 1 and 3.

  • Best Seasons to Fish

    The best time of year for Roaring River trout fishing is in the Fall. We know you might be thinking, "What about the colder weather?" and "What about deer season?", well it's actually for those two reasons that we recommend this season for putting down the deer corn and picking up your fly rod.

    During September, you can practically have the river to yourself, since all other anglers have lost their "Trout Fever" from March and shifted their focus to the woods. The decrease in fishing pressure, changing fall colors, and trout prepping for the winter let anglers reel in Rainbow Trout. If you take our advice, you will find this was the way fly fishing the Roaring River was meant to be experienced.


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How much does it cost to fish at the Roaring River?

The cost to fish at Roaring River State Park is affordable at $3 for a daily trout tag for adults, and for anglers younger than 16 years old, its $2. You can purchase a tag at the park.

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