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Stockton Lake, MO fishing can involve a variety of fish, which is a big reason anglers migrate to this body of water each and every year. Walleye, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, and Flathead Catfish can all be hooked.
  • Known For

    Known for being an Army Corps of Engineer reservoir with 300 miles of shoreline and 28,000 acres of great fishing. This fishing spot pairs the public land surrounding the lake and a lack of development to make it a beautiful fish destination.

    This area is also home to some great places to stay. Such as Stone Creek Lodge, an excellent fish camp with private parking and access to a nearby boat ramp.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    You might be familiar and up to date with the state-wide responsibilities of anglers, set out by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Still, many lakes have rules specific to their waters and the species that live in them.

    A daily resident or non-resident fishing license can be purchased for just $7. So after you purchase your license from online or a local sporting goods store, check out their website online to make sure you know what's expected to preserve the quality and numbers fish species in Stockton Lake.

  • Types of Fishing

    The types of fishing you can enjoy on this lake will depend on which species you are wanting to catch.

    • Crappie fishing is primed to be excellent for the next foreseeable future. Fishing for this tasty fish around deep brush piles with minnows, great for kids, or small jigs will definitely fill your cooler. The local fish and wildlife officials have placed several artificial structures to attract fish and increase populations. When you book a guide service, they will know how to find these hidden fishing spots.
    • A great technique for catching Flathead and Channel Catfish is to head to the north end of the lake and fish with live bait in one of the many coves.
    • Try a deep fishing method for catching Walleye in the summer. Hook on a nightcrawler and let it fall into 20 feet of water.
    • Largemouth Bass are present throughout the entire lake, but using your favorite type of fishing on the upper sections of the lake will result in the most bragging rights.
    • A White Bass fishing trip at the right time of year can result in an unbelievable day of fishing. A suitable method is to use shallow diving crankbaits or rooster tails in the open water schools. Make sure to check out our best season for fishing Stockton lake section for more details on when to catch these fun fish.
  • Best Seasons to Fish

    The best months of the year to catch fish on this treasured lake of Missouri will depend on which sport fish you're after.

    • The time to go Walleye fishing on Stockton Lake, MO, is in the Spring and Fall. The shallow water areas in the coves are a perfect location, especially if you have any jerk baits to throw their way. If you can stand the cold, the winter walleye and crappie fishing here blows most lakes out of the water.
    • White Bass in the summer morning and evening are easy to spot in the open water areas. Just follow the churning water, as they attack the baitfish and fast amongst them for some non-stop action.
    • A local fishing report told us that when the summer heat is too much to deal with, fish for Bluegill under the bridge to escape the hot weather. Casting amongst the pillars is a great fishing idea for a family-friendly fishing trip.

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