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Why New York is Known for Fishing

When a person imagines New York, they think of all the iconic buildings and tourism destinations the state has to offer, like Central Park, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. NY. is the most populated city in the United States. It's a fast-paced city that is only matched by its fast action fishing. So with all of these great tourism spots, make sure not to overlook how great a fishing destination this state is.

New York State Fish is the Brook Trout. The striper fishing in Big Apple is right up there with fishing for Stripers on Lake Texoma. Where to go fishing in New York City? The city has over 520 miles of shoreline. Check out below for some of our top destinations.
  • Fishing Spots in New York

    Montauk Fishing

    • When you drive into the harbor, you will see it has named itself the "Fishing Capital of the World." September is the month this rings true, and it's also a time where tourism is starting to die down. You can pretty much fish for what you want since most fish species located offshore or inland are at their peak during September.

    Brooklyn Fishing

    • From Brooklyn, you can fish the East River enjoy some Gravesend Bay fishing, head out fishing from the Sheepshead Bay, or Jamaica Bay. Striped Bass is big-time around this area, but the practice of catch and release is vital for this area.

    Long Island Fishing

    • Cast your line in this fishing paradise. Long Island fishing charters offer options for Atlantic Cod, Shark, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, and more! Snappers are thriving in this area, and during late July or August, it’s Shinnecock Bay were you should bait your hook and hold tight.

    Finger Lakes Fishing

    • Did you know this area is considered a two-story fishery? That means it offers up both cold and warm water on most of its lakes. All of that to see, you can fish just about any freshwater fish you prefer in this fantastic fishing area. Largemouth bass fishing Cayuga is a good bet or head out with your fishing guide on Skaneateles Lake for some Lake Trout.

    Lake Ontario Fishing

    • Lake Ontario is a massive lake at over 4.6 million acres. When you fish one of the Great Lakes, it's essential you know you're in good hands, and there are plenty of guides on this lake.
    • Many Guides like to troll the lake, to cover as much area and find the fish as fast as possible. Trolling for Trout fishing and Salmon fishing by trolling the lake is a great technique. Lake Ontario offers up Chinook Salmon, Brown and Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon, and more!

    Other Fishing Spots

    • Hudson River, St. Lawrence River, Fishing in Prospect Park
  • NY Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    Residents of NY will need a $25 General Fishing License if they are 16 to 69 years old. For ages 70 years or older, you can purchase a discounted license at $5. A one-day resident license can be purchased for just $5, and a 7-day fishing license can be purchased for $12.

    People who haven't lived in New York for more than 30 days must purchase an annual non-resident fishing license for $50. If you are about to hop aboard one of the many great NY fishing charters, then you have the short term options of a one-day license for $10 and a 7day for $28.

    Border water lakes of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, St. Lawerence River, Lake Champlain, and Niagara River require more than just a New York State Fishing License to fish. Greenwood Lake and Indian Lake, you may catch fish, but only from boat or ice. The Delaware River and West Branch Delaware River is the only border lake that you can fish with only a New York License.

    As always, it's essential to check with your New York Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure you're following the proper saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing regulations. Check out their website for a calendar of Free Fishing Days.

Fishing Calendar: What Fish are in Season in New York


Where: Lake Ontario

Species: Steelhead Trout


Where: Finger Lakes

Species: Landlocked Salmon


Where: Finger Lakes

Species: Perch


Where: Finger Lakes

Species: Brown Trout


Where: Finger Lakes

Species: Rainbow Trout


Where: Finger Lakes

Species: Walleye


Where: Long Island Sound

Species: Bluefish


Where: Lake Ontario

Species: Lake Trout


Where: Long Island Sound

Species: Striper


Where: Lake Ontario

Species: Steelhead Trout


Where: Lake Ontario

Species: Brown Trout


Where: Delaware River

Species: Walleye


Can you fish in Central Park, New York?

As long as Catch-and-Release is practiced, the public is allowed to fish in Central Park. Central Park is home to Black Crappie, Carp, Catfish, and Sunfish.

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