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Fishing in Lake Eufaula

For anglers who live in or near McAlester or Oklahoma City, Lake Eufaula doesn't need much of an introduction. The Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Striped Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and White Bass fishing have provided bragging rights since the Eufaula Dam was completed in 1964.

This lake was made famous for its bass, but the local Lake Eufaula fishing charters will tell you that fishing for crappie on this lake is second to very few fishing lakes in the entire United States. In fact, at one point, this fishing spot was the owner of the state record for White Crappie.
  • Known For

    This lake is known for being the state of Oklahoma's largest lake. With 800 miles of shoreline encircling over 105,500 acres of water, the options for adventure are near limitless.

    Lake Eufaula, OK, has bass fishing tournaments year-round and even has heated docks for families wanting to get out of the house during the winter and enjoy crappie fishing. Fishing might be the main attraction, but the surrounding Eufaula State Park and Areahead Area jas two golf courses and thousands of acres of public hunting areas for you to enjoy.

  • Rules and Regulations for Fishing Lake Eufaula

    The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation spends countless hours making sure our public waters are left better than we found them. All people who fish these waters are required to obey by the rules and regulations of that fishing spot.

    All anglers 16 and older are required to have a fishing license to fish Lake Eufaula. To purchase a fishing license, you can buy one online or at a local sporting goods store.

    Even though these locations follow the state-wide requirements pretty closely, you will need to check online to stay up to date with the latest information, or you can call the local fishing contact at (405) 379-5408.

  • Types of Fishing in Lake Eufaula

    A large variety of freshwater fish on this lake means you can enjoy many different types of fishing. A guided, half-day catfishing trip is a relaxing, family-friendly adventure. For a little faster action, and great for older children, Crappie fishing can fill your cooler in a hurry. Throwing a topwater for big bass and snagging spoonbill can make for one heck of a photo.

    When your guide accepts your charter fishing booking request, ask them what they recommend and tell them a little bit about what kind of experience you're looking for. The people who work this lake are great at providing you with a personally catered experience.

  • Best Season to Fish in Lake Eufaula

    April is the best time of year for fishing on Lake Eufaula. Crappie makes this the month most looked forward to by local anglers. Crappies love structure and lots of deep water cover, and this lake boasts an incredible amount of places for these smaller fish to feel safe.

    At the beginning of the month, target the rocky areas, with a small tube lure, near the Deep Fork River. As the month gets further along, the crappies will hang out in deeper water, about 10 feet or so. You will need to find the underwater brush piles in these depths, so having a fish finder or a fishing guide show you the ropes is your best bet.


Can you swim in Lake Eufaula?

Yes, as the largest lake in Oklahoma, this lake has several beaches open to the public for swimming. We recommend Hummingbird Beach!

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