Fishing in Chickamauga Lake

This lake was 2nd in the Bassmasters rankings in 2018. Recently, in August of 2019, the College Fishing Championship was held on this lake. It's not just the bass that makes this lake famous. Crappie, White Bass, Redear Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Sauger, and Blue Catfish bend their share of anglers rodes too.
  • Known For

    This lake is known for a variety of fishing options that all provide a great time out on the water. No matter the water temperatures, there is something that is biting your hook in these waters. In fact, Lake Chickamauga bass fishing means you might set the hook and break another state-record. This fishing hole lays claim both the Spotted Bass of 6 pounds and 1 ounce and the Largemouth record of 15 pounds and 3 ounces.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    Many states of state-wide rules and regulations, but these rules can change to become less or more constrictive depending on the needs of the lake's fish environment. It's essential to do your research online with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and ask your Lake Chickamauga fishing guide any questions you may have.

    Some rules for this lake are different than the states-general guides. For instance, Black Bass have a combined daily limit of 5 per day per angler, only one of the five you keep maybe a Smallmouth Bass.

    • Largemouth Bass have a minimum length requirement of 15-inches.
    • Smallmouth Bass will need to be a minimum of 18-inches in length.
    • Spotted or Alabama Bass doesn't have a length limit.
    • Black Crappie and White Crappie need to be at minimum 10 inches long, and a combined limit of 15 fish per day per angler is enforced.
  • Types of Fishing

    • The best bank fishing access for Lake Chickamauga is located just below the Chickamauga Dam at the south end. If this method is for you, then cast towards the breaks in the current where fish will be hanging out waiting on the baitfish to swim by.
    • If you book a Lake Chickamauga fishing guide and head north of the dam, that's where the 15-pound state record was caught just a few years ago. At this fishing spot, a popular method is to fish the deep water woodpiles or humps where the bass is using the hump as a current breaker. Deep diving crankbaits or a plastic worm will give you the depth needed to get the attention of big bass.
    • Channel Catfish, of course, love the deeper water holes in rougher water areas.
    • Crappie fishing Chickamauga Lake doesn't get the recognition it deserves. So head out with a Lake Chickamauga fishing charter or guide during early April. These few weeks are when the fish are in pre-spawn. Troll the waters with the longline technique, a perfect method for new anglers, or those wanting a relaxing family-friendly fishing trip with some great action.
  • Best Seasons to Fish

    The best season for Chickamauga Lake is dependent only on your fishing experience desired. The lake holds good to excellent fishing for crappie, largemouth, and catfish year-round if you know where to go and how to fish that location based on the time of year.

    During post-spawn anglers wanting to catch some big Largemouth Bass can have a high success rate fishing around boat docks and brush piles located in the shallow water areas. The recommended best bass lure for these areas is a torpedo bait. To save you the researching of other fishing reports, May is the month when Post-spawn is in full effect.


Where does Chickamauga Lake get its name?

It was named after its original settlers. The Chickamauga Cherokee live in the area.

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