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To cast for the Texas state fish, you'll need to find the Guadalupe bass, the official state fish. These treasured fish of the "Lone Star State" spend their time swimming away from their predatorial smallmouth bass relative. So, enjoy a guided fishing trip floating down one of the state's many fast-flowing rivers and book your kayak fishing guide!

As soon as tomorrow, you could have a hard fighting "Texas Trout" at the end of your line, which can reach a maximum weight of approximately 3.5 pounds. You might not think of rivers when thinking of Texas, but it is home to some fantastic river fishing on the Red River, Brazos River, Cypress River, and Trinity River. Cypress River is home to spotted bass.

The Trinity River has some of the best bow-fishing in Texas you can find. Gar in the river can be over 7 feet in length. Texas isn't a "Fish Tale" and size matters in this great state, with 5,607 square miles of inland water. This amount of inland water ranks it first in the lower 48. With so much water inside the state's borders, it can hold some very big bass! The most popular species is the Largemouth Bass, with a fantastic state record of 18.18 pounds.

  • Best Fishing in Texas

    Fishing Lake Texoma

    • A reservoir lake in Texas famous around the United States for its healthy supply of large striped bass. Located on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, its sandy shores and perfect environment make it a spawning mecca for some of the hardest fighting inland fish you can catch.
    • An essential piece of information about fishing this body of water is that it requires a Lake Texoma Fishing License. Read below for more details on this and where you can obtain one.

    Fishing Lake Conroe

    • Located north of Houston, this man-made fishing paradise is home to channel catfish, bluegill, largemouth, white bass, and the famous hybrid striped bass. The community surrounding the lake is filled with things to do during and after your fishing adventure. Some activities include great golf courses, residential areas, marinas, and boat launching areas.

    Fishing Lake Fork

    • When you think of bass fishing in Texas, you think of Lake Fork. Fed by the Sabine River, this lake was stocked by a subspecies called "Florida Bass." Ever since, it has produced fish for the ShareLunker Program, which breeds the most gigantic fish for selective breeding. Did you know 30 of the largest 50 largemouths caught in Texas have come from this 27,000-acre lake? Many guides on this lake fish for competition, so having an expert in the boat won't be a problem.

    Fishing Lake Lewisville

    • Located within a short driving distance from Dallas, you can find plenty of White Crappie. This lake is on the list due to how close it is to such a large metropolitan area, making it a great introduction to fishing lakes or a quick getaway for those feeling trapped in by the surrounding area in this part of the state.

    Fishing Port Aransas

    • Texas Fishing Charters along the gulf coast are home to some of the friendliest guides you will find. Just because it's the ocean doesn't mean you have to go deep-sea fishing, bay fishing is a perfect family-friendly fishing trip! However, to find the famous Red Snapper, you will want to head with your guide to some structure located in water 30-300 feet deep. Offshore fishing for Sharks is a popular adventure in this area.

    More Fishing Spots in Texas


  • Licenses and Regulations

    You will need a Texas Fishing License when fishing public water for any aquatic life in the state. A Saltwater Permit is required for all areas along the coast. Before we tell you what's all required, let's fill you in on who is not necessary for the above. A person 16 years and younger, a person born before January 1, 1931, and some disabilities are exempt from having to possess the proper license and permits.

    The cost of a One-Day All-Water License starts at just $11. Your basic Freshwater Package is $30 or $35 if you'd like to add the Saltwater Package. The state of Texas provides substantial discounts for Seniors and Special Residents. You can buy a license at most outdoor retail stores, and online from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Website.

    Special tags are required for Red Drum. One tag is included in your Saltwater Package, but an additional tag (max one) can be purchased for $3. This tag allows you to take an extra fish longer than 28 inches.

    Border states have their own complications. Fishing from a boat on Lake Texoma usually requires a Lake Texoma fishing license. If fishing from the shore of Texas or Oklahoma, then the proper fishing license for that state is required. Arkansas areas of the Red River, Arkansas rules must be followed. Border waters are always complicated, so we recommend talking with your fishing guide.

    It's essential to contact your fishing guide and/or the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to verify you are obeying by the proper laws and procedures for the area. All guides should check you have the appropriate license before heading out onto the water. It doesn't matter if your fishing your local public lake or on deep-sea fishing the Texas coast; researching and verifying the correct policies and procedures is the first step for any adventure.

    Fun Fact: Texas has a "Free Fishing Day"! It's held on the first Saturday of June every year.

Fishing Calendar for the Best Times to Fish in Texas


Where: Port Aransas

Species: Black Drum


Where: Falcon Lake Reservoir

Species: Largemouth Bass


Where: Sabine River, specifically the section to target is just above Toledo Bend.

Species: White Bass fishing is fast action and great for kids.


Where: The Baffin Bay is a fishing paradise not far from the famous King Ranch.

Species: Speckled Trout fishing so good, many Guides will relocate here during this time.


Where: Lake Texoma is the best lake in America for Striped Bass!

Species: Stripers are large and angry fighting fish.


Where: Find a fishing guide near you, because it's Free Fishing Day on the first Saturday of the month.

Species: Red Snapper or enjoy the beach and maybe catch some Mahi-Mahi too!


Where: Aransas Pass to Port Aransas is the "Kayak Highway of Texas"

Species: Seatrout


Where: Rockport Fishing and enjoy some wade fishing.

Species: Try night gigging Flounder to escape the sun!


Where: Lake O' The Pines is located not far from Tyler, Texas

Species: Some great Catfish Guides on Lake O' The Pines


Where: Sabine Lake is an open lake and fishing jetty is a good choice.

Species: Redfish and you could catch 100 Trout in a day.


Where: Lake Whitney has very little traffic with hunters in the woods.

Species: White Bass fishing from April to November


Where: Toledo Bend is an East Texas gem.

Species: Largemouth Bass with a deep-diving crankbait.


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Yes, Caddo Lake. It’s a 25,490 acres lake that sits on the border of Louisiana and Texas. It’s home to wetlands and giant cypress trees.

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