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Fishing Cooper Lake

Fishing Cooper Lake for White Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, and Blue Catfish is a popular choice for anglers who live near Sulphur Springs.
  • Why Cooper Lake is Known For Fishing

    Cooper Lake is most known for its healthy supply of White Bass and hard-fighting Hybrid Striped Bass. These two species of fish can be caught successfully year-round by mixing up your live bait presentations. Fishing for Blue Catfish around standing timber is another reason this lake has been known for some amazing fishing trips.

  • Cooper Lake Fishing Rules & Regulations

    Fishing guides on Cooper Lake are well educated on the rules and regulations set out by the Texas Parks and Wildlife for fishing on this wonderful 19,305-acre lake. However, any angler who intends on fishing needs to make sure they read the bag limits and size requirements posted online by the parks service.

    Fishing for Largemouth Bass on Cooper Lake will require following different regulations than the general state-wide rules set out for all public freshwater fishing spots in Texas.

    Anglers 17 years and older are required to purchase a fishing license before hopping aboard the boat of your chosen fishing guide service on Cooper Lake. A license can be purchased online or at your local Walmart.

  • Tips for Fishing Cooper Lake

    When fishing for Crappie in Cooper Lake cast towards the pilings and retaining walls along the shoreline. Crappie love structure and can also be found in one of the many brush piles and standing timber around the lake. If fishing from the bank is your only choice, then try the Harbor Day Use Area located in the South Sulphur Unit of Cooper Lake State Park.

    When the sun the water starts heating up in the summer cast for White Bass in the evenings in the open water areas. The best fishing spots in Cooper Lake are found off the main points. Your fishing guide on Cooper Lake might recommend fishing with a spoon or slab.

  • Best Time to Book a Cooper Lake Fishing Guide

    Crappie fishing in Cooper Lake is excellent in the spring months. Some fantastic Largemouth Bass fishing trips can be experienced during all the months of the year, besides summer.


When was Cooper Lake built?

Copper is a young lake by Texas standards. The 19,300 acres lake project started in 1955, the construction began in 1986, and water started collecting in fall of 1991.

What county is Cooper Lake in?

Can you ride your horse at Cooper Lake?