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Lake Abilene Fishing

Lake Abilene is located in Abilene, Texas. This Texas fishing spot is actually located within Abilene State Park, so it falls under the “Community Fishing Lake” regulations. You can find more information below about the rules and regulations for fishing this wonderful lake. Lake Abilene had a period of a few years where it suffered from low water levels, but since 2004 the lake has rebounded nicely and has been stocked with a variety of fish such as Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, and Perch. Your fishing trip experience will depend heavily on water levels. If the water level is low you will need to fish from the bank.
  • Known For

    Known for being a great fishing spot near Abilene, TX it’s within Abilene State Park with tons of activities for the entire family to enjoy. The park features a historic swimming pool, hiking trails, fishing, and camping located just 16 miles away from the city. The historic swimming pool was built in the 1930s. Guests actually have two places to fish, Lake Abilene and Wallow Pond. So grab your family’s fishing poles and enjoy a little adventure escape.

    If you want to stay for an extended fishing trip you can camp at one of the nearby RV sites.

  • Licenses, Size Requirements, Bag Limits

    The rules and regulations for fishing Lake Abilene follow the “Community Fishing Lake” rules, so no fishing license is required. Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass must be at least 14 inches in length and the daily bag limit per angler is 5 fish in any combination.

    Crappie must have a minimum length of 10 inches and the daily limit, per angler, is 25.

  • Types of Fishing in Abilene, Texas

    The best types of fishing in Abilene, TX involve casting your best Largemouth Bass lure over the brushy cover. Another great choice is fishing for Channel Catfish or Blue Catfish from the shorelines.

  • Best Season for Fishing in Abilene, TX

    The best time of year to go fishing in Lake Abilene is during the springtime when the water levels are slightly above normal.


How deep and big is Lake Abilene?

Max depth of 25 feet, and the water covers 595 acres.

What can you catch at Lake Abilene?

How do you catch Bass at Lake Abilene?

Can you swim in Lake Abilene?