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Fishing Lake Athens

Lake Athens TX is might be the best-kept secret for fishing in Texas. Lake Athens Bass fishing offers a huge population of bass weighing between three pounds and eight pounds.
  • Known For

    The 1,799-acre lake is located just east of Athens, TX and is known for its beautiful shorelines.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    Help protect future Lake Athens bass fishing trips for our future generation by following the rules and regulations set out by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. The lake does have special size requirements and bag limits to protect its healthy population of bass. For more information on legal, ethical, and safe fishing visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website.

  • Fishing Spots & Tips

    Fly fishing is a great way to catch a large number of sunfish on this beautiful lake. The sunfish on Lake Athens can reach more than 10 inches. The upper end of the lake has a healthy population of vegetation for Largemouth Bass. The fishing spots located around the middle portions of the lake have a lot of timber structure and are great for producing some good size crappie. If the fish are heading into deeper water areas of the lake then your fishing guide on Lake Athens might recommend heading towards the dam, where plenty of submerged structure lies at the bottom of the lake.

    For anglers new to Lake Athens or wanting to improve their success rates, then book a Lake Athens fishing guide and you won’t be disappointed!

  • Best Time to Fish

    The best time to fish for Largemouth Bass on this East Texas gem is during the springtime. However, for White Bass and Crappie you’ll want to head out with your favorite fishing guide during the months of February and May.


How big is Lake Athens TX?

Lake Athens has a surface area of 1,799 acres

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