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Bryan Lake Fishing

Fishing in Lake Bryan, near College Station, TX is a great little fishing spot to get away for students at Texas A&M University, especially after taking a hard test. It’s also a great place for families to relax and catch some crappie and catfish from the shorelines.
  • Known For

    Lake Bryan is known as a fun fishing spot located near Bryan and College Station, Texas. This lake is a smaller lake at 829-acres, but it can produce some good-sized Largemouth Bass and Catfish.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    Accessing Lake Bryan requires an access fee of $5 per vehicle and closes between 8 pm to 10 pm. The lake does offer a two-lane boat ramp.

    For all public freshwater fishing lakes in Texas, you will need a freshwater fishing license if 17 years of age or older. Size requirements and bag limits are particular to this body of water and fall outside of the general state-wide regulations set forth by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. For more information check online.

  • Types of Fishing

    A variety of fishing opportunities exists on Lake Bryan. Largemouth Bass can provide a lot of fun for anglers of all experience with the average size of bass on Lake Bryan ranging from 14 to 16 inches. Channel Catfish are a great way to have some fun from the bank. Just hook on some chicken liver or other natural bait and cast off a drop off area. If you’re looking to catch Crappie on Lake Bryan, then you’re in luck, the lake offers some pretty good Crappie fishing from the floating dock.

  • Best Season for Fishing in Lake Bryan

    The best time to catch fish on Lake Bryan is during the springtime. Crappie will be excellent in the shallow water areas. In fact, we recommend changing it up and trying Crappie fishing with a fly rod. These smaller lakes are a perfect place to hone your craft before you head out to a bigger fishing spot in Texas like Lake Conroe, Lake Livingston, or Lake Somerville.


What kind of fish are in Lake Bryan?

Largemouth Bass, Blue Catfish, and Channel Catfish, Bluegill, and Green Sunfish

Can you swim in Lake Bryan?

Is Lake Bryan a state park?

Is Lake Bryan man made?