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Fishing in Lake Conroe

Sam Houston himself would have loved this lake and all that it imbodies. The community around this lake is passionate about preserving and improving it for future generations. Ongoing efforts are being made to "Stop our lake level" by developing a solution that is best for the lake environment, local property owners, and hopefully to stop the flooding caused by the rainy seasons.

When lake levels are reasonable, the Cagle Recreation Area is a popular area for the locals to enjoy camping, bird watching, family-friendly fishing, and hiking year-round. This area has RV hook-ups, restrooms, and hot showers.

If you want to leave the shoreline and enjoy a boat trip, the community has helped place brush piles throughout the lake. Find out where they are by booking a full-day or half-day guided fishing trip to learn the lake before you start looking for boat storage. You will enjoy your boat a lot more and save a lot of gas if you already know where to go and what to do.

  • Known For

    To be known in Texas as a great fishing hole, you have to offer the full package. First and foremost, Lake Conroe is a fantastic fishing location near Houston, TX. Secondly, the key players and community are putting in the necessary resources to keep this lake trending in the right direction. The current fishing is outstanding, but this is our pick for the fastest rising lake on the "Best Fishing in Texas" charts.

  • Licenses and Regulations

    Fishing limits, minimum lengths, maximum lengths, and regulations vary in Texas by destination. It's always required to have a Texas Freshwater Fishing License when fishing on public waters.

    • The combined bag limit for Black Bass is five. Largemouth Bass have a minimum harvest length of greater than or equal to 16 inches. Smallmouth Bass have a minimum of 14-inches.
    • Striped Bass and Hybrids are set to a bag limit of five and must meet then the minimum length of 18 inches. Striped and Hybrid Bass have a combined limit of five.
    • White Bass can be caught in large quantities, but their limit is 25. However, with the knowledge and help from an expert, that limit can be found in minutes! To be kept, your White Bass will need to be at least 10 inches.
    • You will want to know the Crappie rules when fishing the waters of this lake. Crappie has a combined daily bag limit of 25 and must hit your ruler at least the 10-inch mark for its length.
    • This fishing spot keeps it simple with Catfish. For Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, and any subspecies, they need to be at least 10 inches long, and 25 can be kept per angler per day.

    Before heading out with your fishing pole or stepping aboard your fishing guides boat, you should always check with the Texas Parks and Wildlife, in addition to your local fishing charter, to make sure you understand what is required.

  • Types of Fishing

    • As far as numbers go, Channel Catfish rule waters. Catfish Guides on Lake Conroe will probably recommend using cut shad or live bait for bringing them into the boat. The lake record is 18.5 pounds but was actually caught with a crankbait. However, a gizzard shad was used to land the monster 86 pound flathead that sits atop the lake's charts.
    • Where you fish for Catfish, will decide how you fish for Catfish. If you're looking to fill your limit and your stomach, then escape the summer heat and fish at night in the shallows. For the big Catfish spend time pinpointing combinations of rough water, standing timber, dams, roadbeds, and the most important is a 10 to 20 foot dropoff from the lakes average depth of around 20 feet.
    • Cast a soft-bait towards boat docks during pre-spawn. If you want to fish amongst the newly established native vegetation, you should try fishing with a crankbait or a Caroline rigged plastic for fewer entanglements.
  • Best Seasons to Fish

    You might know some great Lake Conroe fishing spots, but the time of year you choose to catch fish is just as important.

    • Lake Conroe Bass Fishing season is best during the spawning season. The best fishing spots on Lake Conroe for Bass are located around the shallow water creek arms near flooded timber, or in submerged and floating plants that can cover around 10% of the lakes 20,118-acres, on average. You will want to try a soft plastic or a topwater for the highest success rates.
    • We researched all of the fishing reports for the busier summertime, and they recommend, tying on a crankbait, then make it dive and bounce off the bottoms the lakes roadbeds.
    • The best time for Bass is Fishing for Bass will require fishing in the shallows during pre-spawn. Do this, and you could find your self contributing to the ShareLunker Program. A program that takes Bass caught over 13 pounds in Texas and uses them for selective breeding. Lake Conroe ranks 4th in the state for the most contributed to the program, behind Lake Fork, Sam Rayburn Reservoir, and Lake Alan Henry

Do I need a fishing license to fish at Lake Conroe?

Yes, a Texas Freshwater Fishing License is needed to fish at Lake Conroe for all angler 17 years old or older or born after the year 1930. The state does provide exemptions for anglers with disabilities, and more information can be found with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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