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Raven Lake Fishing

Fishing Lake Raven is a fun family-friendly fishing trip. The Largemouth Bass fishing is excellent and the sunfish will keep the children and the most seasoned of anglers busy. 
  • Lake Raven Bass Fishing

    Lake Raven Bass fishing is why people flock to this lake. The lake consistently produces bass over 10 pounds. To catch yourself a 10-pound bass on Lake Raven fish during the early morning or late evening hours with your favorite topwater fishing lure. The best fishing spots for Largemouth Bass are located at the edge of the hydrilla located shoreline of the lakes 203-acres.

    Once you get your lure wet and you’re ready for a bigger lake, try booking a trip with a fishing guide on Lake Livingston or Lake Conroe.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    Anglers aren’t allowed to keep grass caught. So if you find one at the end of your fishing line you are required by the Texas Parks and Wildlife to immediately release the fish back into the water.

    Lake Raven is also known as a “Community Fishing Lake”. A Community Fishing Lake means no fishing license is required for fishing with the state parks boundary. However, anglers must only use fishing poles and lines. No other method of fishing is permitted on Lake Raven.

  • Lake Raven Fishing Tips

    The best Lake Raven fishing tip we have found is if the bass isn’t biting your topwater lure, then take a break and switch your bait to a nightcrawler or live cricket for some monster sunfish. Sunfish on Lake Raven commonly reach over 8 inches in length.

  • Best Seasons to Fish

    The best time to year to fish Lake Raven is during the springtime with a soft plastic lure.


When is the best time to catch Bass on Lake Raven?

Just after sunup or just before sundown. Use topwater lures and soft plastics along the edges of plant life just below the surface.

How big is Lake Raven?

How far is Lake Raven from Houston, TX?

What kind of fish are in Lake Raven?

How deep is Lake Raven?