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Fishing in Lake Stamford

If you’re looking for a fishing lake near Stamford, TX then look no further! This fishing spot offers fantastic crappie fishing.
  • Known For

    One of the more hidden fishing spots in Texas! Lake Stamford is located near Abilene, Texas and is 5,124 acres of surface water. As a place to fish in west Texas, the water levels can fluctuate dramatically. The consistently changing water levels can hugely affect where the fish gather and your fishing guide on Lake Stamford is a vital resource for finding these fish quickly.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    The state of Texas has a set of state-wide rules and regulations which are consistent for a number of bodies of water in Texas, Lake Stamford is one of them.

    Anglers 17 years and older can buy a fishing license online or at one of the many outdoor sporting goods stores in the state that are allowed to sell fishing licenses.

  • Fishing Tips

    The best fishing on Lake Stamford is crappie fishing. Crappie love structure more than any other freshwater fish. Fishing guide service on Lake Stamford will not only know where these are located on the lake, but they will also know how the current weather conditions are affecting which one is the trendy spot for the day.

    Structures you can find crappie schooling on this lake are old trees, rock piles, and dropoffs. Vertically fishing with jigs over the fishing spots with structure near a drop off can fill an anglers cooler in no time.

    The most abundant structure in Lake Stamford is rock and the shorelines have an abundant source of vegetation and cattails. When the water levels are normal or higher than normal the rocky and vegetation areas near the dam and powerplant are prime areas to target for Largemouth Bass.

  • Best Time to Fish

    The best time of year to fish for bass on Lake Stamford really depends on the water levels. Lower water levels will force anglers to move towards the rocks and stumps. When fishing rocking areas your fishing charter will probably recommend tying a crankbait at the end of your line.


How big is Lake Stamford?

5,000 acres

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