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Fishing in Lake Tawakoni

Fishing Lake Tawakoni in Texas involves monster hybrid striped bass, boat fulls of White Bass, and trophy-sized Blue Catfish. These monster catfish are the reason why this lake is called the “Catfish Capital of Texas”. Channel Catfish are also available, but Blue Catfish make up for a large majority of the catfish in Lake Tawakoni. Book a catfish guide service on Lake Tawakoni and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Known For

    Lake Tawakoni is an excellent choice for a fishing spot near Dallas, TX. The 36,700-acre lake is located about an hour away from the big city and is home to hybrid stripers that weigh on average about 8 pounds.

  • Fishing Licenses and Regulations

    Catfish is a huge attraction for this lake, so careful regulations have been formed for this specific lake which differs from the basic state-level size requirement and bag limits.

    Blue and channel catfish don’t have a minimum length requirement according to the Texas Department of Wildlife. These fish do have a daily combined limit of 25 fish. Before you decide to keep the fish you should know that of the 25 fish kept no more than seven can be 20 inches in length or greater and no more than two can be 30 inches or greater.

  • Types of Fishing

    For catfish we recommend using cut bait, stink baits, liver, or earthworms are another good option. Trotlining is popular and you might be able to find a guide who will let you set a jugline and then go fish for some big hybrid striper before you come back and check the line.

  • Best Seasons to Fish

    The best season for trophy blue catfish on Lake Tawakoni is during the winter months. This is a great time to book a fishing guide service on Lake Tawakoni so that you are fully prepared and can head straight to where the fish are without having to drive around in the colder wind.


What kind of fish are in Lake Tawakoni?

The most fished for species on Lake Tawakoni are Striped bass, Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Channel catfish, and White bass

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