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Fishing in Lake Lewisville

This 29,592-acre lake is owned by the Corps of Engineers and connects to Dallas with the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.

Lewisville Lake fishing is an incredible opportunity for a family-friendly fishing trip in Texas or the most avid anglers located near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Situated near The Colony, Frisco, and Lewisville, this lake is filled with activities for the whole family.

For kids, check out Lake Park swimming and picnic area for some sandy shores and easy access to the nearby restrooms. For the young adults, party cove is a popular destination or dock your boat at Sneaky Petes, a popular restaurant and bar at the edge of the water.

Anglers wanting to try fishing Lake Lewisville, Tx will be happy to know that not only does this lake offer up some great fishing, but the area also has very affordable fishing guides and charters.
  • Known For Fishing

    Providing quick fishing adventures for people living in the suburbs and producing year over year, this lake is known for bringing in high numbers of smaller sized, hard fighting, and great tasting fish.

    This lake might not be filled with Bass Tournaments and state record trophies, but when you book a fishing trip with an expert fishing guide, you'll wonder why not.

  • Licenses and Regulations

    • Black Bass will need to meet a minimum length of 14 inches. The daily combined bag limit is 5 fish per angler per day.
    • Blue catfish 30 inches or less in length may be placed in your cooler for preparations for the fryer. One Blue caught 45 inches or greater may also be kept. Channel Catfish must meet a minimum length of 12 inches. Blue and Channel catfish have different size restrictions but have a combined bag limit of 25.
    • Another famous catch is Crappie. All Crappie species must meet the minimum 10-inch requirement, and no more than 25 crappier of any type may be harvested per day per angler.
    • Every angler has the responsibility, to possess a Texas Fishing License, and verify the local rules and regulations with the Texas Parks and Wildlife and their Lake Lewisville fishing guide.
  • Types of Fishing

    Numerous Lake Lewisville fishing spots provide anglers with a great chance to catch fish. Some of the best species to cast for are Catfish, Crappie, and White Bass. That's not to say bass fishing for a Largemouth Bass or Hybrid Striped Bass doesn't have its moments, though.

    • A flathead catfish guide on Lake Lewisville might take you near the old Lake Dallas area or near the Lewisville fishing barge. The barge provides superb fishing for people without access to a boat.
    • White Bass will school in the main areas of the lake during the spring spawn. Try fishing spots near Stuart Creek Park, The Colony, Texas, and fish off of the point. This area is excellent for families or those wanting to try fishing from the shoreline.
  • Best Seasons to Fish

    Migrate Outfitter's tips for fishing Lake Lewisville are to target White Crappie or Sand Bass. While other lakes such as Lake Fork or Lake Texoma are known for providing anglers with trophy-sized fish, this body of water can quickly fill your bag limit with these species of fish.

    Hoping in your charter captain's boat and finding some standing timer and submerged brush piles near or under bridges is the first step. The second step is to drop a jig to the recommended depth by your guide and then just reel in the best freshwater eating of North Texas.

    For White Bass, follow the gulls (birds that are usually gray and white), and you will see them churning up the water during April and May. When you spot their churning of the water, cast a small silver spoon, and you can catch your limit as fast as you can take them off your hook.


What feeds Lake Lewisville?

The Trinity River feeds Lake Lewisville. The river was dammed up at the Elm Fork section of the river in 1927. When the dam was first built in that year, it was actually known as Lake Dallas.

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