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Port Aransas Fishing

Finding the perfect place for a fishing trip can be difficult. Trying to track the fish, based on seasons, and a variety of other factors is a tough task for any angler. A trick to avoid paralysis by analysis is to go where the fishing tournaments go. Anglers from around country flock to compete to find out who is the best in these world-class waters. Fishing in Port Aransas, Texas is one of those spots!

The area, also known as simply "Port A" is an excellent place to fish. It doesn't matter if you book a fishing guide in Port Aransas for bay fishing, offshore fishing, or deep-sea fishing you will have a trip of a lifetime!
  • The area of Port Aransas, TX

    Port Aransas, Texas, is known for calling the Gulf of Mexico home and welcoming its guests with incredible offshore fishing trips!

    This fishing resort town is located to the east Corpus Christi, Texas, and 3-hour drive north from the parties of South Padre Island. However, this destination isn't all about the spring break party scene; instead, it boasts some of the best deep-sea fishing in Texas.

  • Port Aransas Fishing Regulations

    The state of Texas requires anglers 17 years old and older to possess a valid fishing license. In addition to the freshwater fishing license, anglers will need to purchase a saltwater fishing endorsement. Fishing for Red Drum will require a tag, by the way, bonus tag can be purchased. These can be purchased online or at a nearby sporting goods store.

    wilIn all cases, it's imperative to check with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department before heading out onto the water to enjoy a day of fishing.

  • Types of Fishing in Port A

    One of the best ways to catch your limit of fish is to find a guide service that offers bay fishing in Port Aransas, TX, around the areas of Mustang Island. If you're located on the northern end of the island and want something a little more convenient, Aransas Bay also has excellent fishing spots for hitting your bag limit of Redfish, drum, or Flounder.

    Fishing 5 miles offshore is for the serious angler looking to land King Mackerel. However, if you have the time to hop aboard a deep-sea fishing charter in Port Aransas and head out over 100 miles, then you could land some huge fish. The types of fish you could land while deep sea fishing in Port Aransas, TX are Marlin, Sailfish, and Wahoo!

    If you want to take it up even a notch further, headway out to one of the many drilling rigs at night, and you'll be bringing back a giant Yellowfin Tuna to show off to all of your fishing buddies.

    Not all folks enjoy being on a boat in the open sea. If this is you, a Port Aransas fishing pier is the perfect place to fish. The city has a lighted fishing pier on Roberts Point Park, but you'll want to verify that it has reopened since it was recently closed for repairs.

  • Best Time to Book a Port Aransas Fishing Charter

    The best time to book a fishing guide in Port Aransas is dependent on the weather and season. Some of the top fishing charters in Port Aransas will fish for different species during the same time of year. Still, some general guidelines can be followed based on the local fishing reports we have gathered from the professionals.

    January isn't excellent for any particular species, but the Redish in the area bite year-round. February through April is an excellent time for Speckled Trout. In fact, these waters tend to produce a trophy during these months.

    As spring begins to end and the weather starts to heat up, Redfish, Flounder, and Drum can make for an excellent half-day or full-day trip on a Port Aransas fishing charter. Flounder gigging at night is a great way to escape the hot sun and enjoy a new adventure.

    Fall will bring trophy-sized Redfish, and the Flounder will remain consistent during this time.

    Another popular activity, along the Texas coastline, is duck hunting. Check out our page on duck hunting in Texas for more information.


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Horace Caldwell Pier is a great place to be introduced into bay fishing. Great for the family. The North and South Jetty are two trendy spots as well. Be prepared to catch flounder, speckled trout, and reds.

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