Please make sure to check local and federal laws regarding permits and licenses when listing your adventure with Migrate. We don’t want anyone’s time ruined, so please make sure you have read our policies. For your protection, we strongly suggest getting liability coverage through an insurance agency of your choice. Most insurance companies have a plan set up for using a hunting lease or fishing charter. We require you to post a liability waiver for your guests, which they are emailed and can give to you on arrival.



Seasons are published well in advance, so get the most from every opportunity by planning and posting far in advance of the season. Migrate Outfitter’s streamlined process will create demand for properties and guides, so having your schedule set far in advance will keep you in the hunt. If you’re concerned about availability, your Dashboard will help you easily change the days you are available, so your guests are always well informed.


Don’t be a Quack. Be knowledgeable about the adventures you offer. Guests tell us that the what makes the difference is not the biggest fish or the biggest buck, but it’s the personable and knowledgeable host that makes the difference.



We have found that the better the quality of photos, the more demand for your adventures. If you need help with creating quality images, let us know, and we will do our best to help. Please read our content policy before uploading photos.



Migrate allows you to create numerous adventure types to meet your offerings. Think of all the offerings you can provide and create the combinations that will best suit your guests. At Migrate Outfitters, we love unique experiences. Please let us know if there are any features you would like added so that you can have the best customer experiences available.



We take great care to make sure all the details are known and understood by all parties. If you have any questions, we have created a fast messaging system. So, ask the guest “Will you be bringing a dog? Will you need a gun or fishing pole?” This solution allows you to add a personal touch by catering to each guest, and generate positive reviews.



When looking at your experience, an unconfirmed guest will only see your approximate location. For your added protection, when an unconfirmed guest is viewing an adventure on private land they will just see a circle, for approximation. Once you have confirmed the booking, your guest will receive an email with your Hidden Details instructions and any exact address information you provided for the location they chose.



Have a plan. We understand that life happens. Sometimes you might need to reschedule or even cancel. If this happens, please make sure you have read our Cancelation and Rescheduling Policies. Deposits through Migrate are non-refundable. First, we recommend rescheduling your booking, by clicking on the booking and selecting Reschedule. However, if a booking needs to be cancelled and you believe your Guest deserves a refund, then you can work through our messaging platform to refund your Guest. Also, we recommend making your plan clear to the guest if there is inclement weather forecasted. Hosts and Guests are accountable for their agreements. Either can be reviewed less favorably if canceling becomes frequent.



Think about what kind of experience you wish to provide, and clearly define your Rules. We recommend messaging the guest, and making sure they are clear on what’s expected when they arrive. We don’t want any side to have an unhappy surprise. Some things to think about include Pet Policy, Alcoholic Beverages, ATV use, etc.