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    Sign up using your name, email, and phone number. Another option is to email us and we will work to list your packages for you.

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    Create Outfit

    This is your main page in Migrate. Where guests learn about you. Add your basic information and photos.

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    List Packages

    Packages are how you list your services. Follow our step-by-step process and activate it to appear on the home page.



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    Outfit information and 20-30 mins

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    Package and pricing information

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    5 - 8 Great photos that represent
    your Outfit and each package

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    Wavier form (optional)


Free for guides and outfitters?

Yes! No subscriptions. No advertising fees. No booking fees. We cover your transaction costs. Migrate is free during the entire process.  Migrate ensures you have continued access to our tools, a custom website, tax management, scheduling, text notifications, one-click booking acceptance, 24/7 Texas-based customer support, and great marketing. Don’t worry; our financial guy has a great therapist.

How does Migrate make money?

Do you still call your favorite delivery service to get the product you want? Migrate doesn't just make it easy for you as a guide, we also make it incredibly easy and fast for a guest to find and book a great experience with you. Migrate charges a small platform charge of 9 percent of the requested booking amount to the guest when they pay the deposit.


What's the booking process?

Set your availability for each package you offer. We’ll send a text or email to the contact information listed in your Migrate profile to notify you about a booking request. Here you can see all the information needed to accept or decline a request. Accepting sends a non-refundable deposit to your bank account within 5-7 business days. You may then keep the day open or block the day in your calendar. Your guest can pay the remaining balance in person, or they can pay through Migrate. Paying through Migrate is free for both sides unless additional charges are added at the end of the trip and then a transaction charge will be charged to the guest for that amount.

What's a unique adventure?

Migrate allows you to earn an income off your unique resources. We have these Unique options listed in our Package creation process under “Method”. Some of these include Bird Watching, Camping, Boat Trip, Photography, Instructional, Wildlife Watching, and create your own option to select "Unique Adventure". If you don’t see something you offer listed, then please contact us, and we will work to add it to our list. This will allow it to be searched by our Guests.


How do you get me bookings?

With Migrate Outfitters enabling you to list anything from hunting and fishing to unique adventures like horseback riding and wildlife photography, we are the one-stop shop for guests that don't only fish or only hunt. We utilize our hard work and the latest technology to get the experiences you list on Migrate in front of your target guests.

What’s our cancellation policy?

All deposits are non-refundable. We understand that acts of God (weather, etc.) may impede your adventure.  In this instance, you may contact your Guest to reschedule your booking.