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Stuttgart Arkansas Duck Hunting

People from all over the world flock, along with the ducks, to the Duck Hunting and Rice Capital of the World! Stuttgart, Arkansas can certainly back up the self-proclaimed title. The area is filled with flooded rice fields and the sky is loaded with ducks flying on the famous Mississippi Flyway.

Guided duck hunts in Stuttgart Arkansas are a once in a lifetime experience for many avid duck hunters. However, new hunters are welcome too! Stuttgart duck guides are excellent at teaching those new to the sport. In fact, many of the Stuttgart duck guides consider it their favorite part about duck hunting with their guests.

The town of Stuttgart is surrounded by an area known as the “Arkansas Grand Prairie”. Throughout the Arkansas Grand Prairie, the commercial production of rice has been in full swing since 1904, quickly sending the state of Arkansas to the top of the list for producing rice in the United States.
  • Stuttgart Duck Hunting - Things to Do

    We recommend getting to know an area before hunting it and The Museum of the Arkansas Grand Praire is an excellent place to learn about the history of the pioneers who settled this famous region in our country.

    Another great way to learn about Stuttgart Arkansas duck hunting is to kick the duck hunting season off, during the week of Thanksgiving, with the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest. If you want to learn what a good call sounds like and learn from the best in the world, then this is the place to be. Another great option is to enjoy the Wings Over the Prairie Festival.

  • Stuttgart Arkansas Duck Hunting Lodges

    A great way to experience a guided duck hunt in Stuttgart, Arkansas is by staying at one of the many Stuttgart Arkansas duck hunting lodges. Lodges are typically on or near the place you’ll be hunting, and most of the time your duck hunting guide or host will provide transportation to and from your duck blind.

    Guests can also choose the level of experience they wish to have. Many guides in the area offer all-inclusive type duck hunting packages where guests can enjoy 3 cooked meals a day, transportation to and from the blind, duck calling, a dog to retrieve your dogs, game cleaning, and much more!

    Don’t’ forget to tip your duck hunting guides, these guys and gals work hard to put you in the best place for success.

  • Non Guided vs Guided Duck Hunts in Stuttgart Arkansas

    A non-guided duck hunt typically means that you will be shown to and from the hunting blind or hunting spot, but a guide will not be there to assist you with duck calling, knowledge sharing, the retrieval of ducks, or bird cleaning. This type of hunting experience is best for experience duck hunters of that area.

    A guided duck hunt in Stuttgart Arkansas means that your guide will be there with you while you hunt. However, the level of assistance and involvement of the guide will depend on what the guide offers and what you and your guide agree on. Remember these guys know the hunting spot and they should be considered the expert in the region, so ask them questions and trust that they are doing there provide you the best experience possible. Hunting is hunting and it has its good days and bad days no matter if your hunting at your local hunting spot or at a world-class destination like Stuttgart Arkansas.