About Alligator Hunting in Texas

Alligators are some of the oldest creatures still living today on our planet. In fact, alligators and crocodiles can be traced back all the way to 220,000,000 b.c. Alligators haven’t lived this long by mistake and can adapt to a variety of environments.

A ton of facts and information exists on Alligators. However, before heading out for an Alligator hunt in Texas the first thing you’ll want to do is book an experienced hunting guide. It’s not all about success rates here, it's also imperative for your safety.

Experience Alligator hunting guides will have all the proper gear for your hunt. They can also provide the knowledge to weed out the unwanted or often dangerous gadgets before your next Alligator hunting trip.
  • Where to Hunt Alligators

    Millions of Alligators move throughout our waterways and swamps in the South and Texas is no exception. The coastal regions and East Texas are perhaps the most favorite among Alligators in the Lone Star state.

    Like fishing for sharks, hunting Alligators is one of the most thrilling experiences on the Texas coast. The Texas gulf coast offers some of the best habitats in the state for these magnificent animals to thrive. A typical Alligator hunt on the Texas coast will cost around $1000 per hunter, and will often include everything taken care of for you.

    The area between Houston and Louisiana is another popular hang out for these toothy creatures. Between East Texas and the coast, the Texas Parks and Wildlife estimates over 250,000 can be found lurking in the state's boundaries.

    Alligators are carefully regulated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. Hunters must only take Alligators on private property. Also, the state defines the legal hunting areas for hunting Alligators in Texas by core and non-core counties.

    Currently, about 22 counties are considered core counties for hunting alligators in Texas. Like all hunting rules and regulations the counties can change from year-to-year, so hunters should stay up to date with the latest information through the Texas Parks and Wildlife.

  • Popular Hunting Methods

    When heading out on an Alligator hunting trip in Texas make sure you know what method is the best for that area. Your Alligator hunting guide will be able to direct you to the best method for the area.

    Hunting alligators with a line and hook “Line Set” will need at least 300lb test line and the hooks may not be placed in the water during non-hunting season. Hunters should clearly mark their lines to prevent unwanted injury to others in the area.

    Another popular method Alligator hunting method is the use of a rifle or other firearm to dispatch the Alligator. Hunting alligators by archery is possible, but floats must be attached to your line.

  • Alligator Hunting Trip Tips

    Hunters can prepare and read all they want, but at the end of the day, the experience is what pays off. If you haven't hunted Alligators before, then booking a trip with an Alligator hunting guide is your best bet for not only increasing your rate of success but helping your wallet too!

    • Using a bang stick is much safer than using your choice of firearm. Make sure when aiming the stick you aim right behind the Alligators head. It’s important to not shoot directly on the head. If you do, you’ll end up covered in a mess.
    • Make sure after you dispatch of the Alligator that you and your hunting guide tape up the Alligators mouth before hauling your catch into the boat. After the gator is in the boat, be sure to cut its spine with a sharp knife. This will ensure your safety!
    • Fighting an Alligator in the waters of Texas can be exhausting, so come prepared for a fight with this formidable game. It’s easy to make mistakes when you're exhausted, so be sure to listen to your Alligator hunting guide to keep yourself bite and accident-free.
    • A lot of times hunters will be so focused on the Alligator itself, that they will miss all of the other dangers lurking in the area. Pay attention to tree branches that can knock you in the water, the motor of the boat, sharp knives and guns in the boat, and snakes or other wildlife are just a few things that can harm an Alligator hunter.

How much does an Alligator hunt cost?

Booking an alligator hunt can be a thrilling experience and the price will range from $500 to more than $1500. The price depends on the type of hunting experience you want to book.

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