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About Dove Hunting in Texas

Dove hunting in Texas is popular mainly because Texas has more dove flying south within its borders than any other state in the United States. Dove hunting in Texas can be enjoyed by every skill level of hunter. Unlike other hunting its a very laid back style of the hunt with great weather. Dove hunting is also popular because it can be enjoyed by a large group of people in the same sunflower field, unlike deer hunting in Texas which is typically shared between one to two hunters.
  • Dove Hunting South Texas

    Dove hunting in South Texas is a perfect way to spend your September mornings and evenings. South Texas is their last stop before they head to out of the country and into the fields of Argentina. The largest concentration of doves in Texas are concentrated in the southern and central areas of the state, this is especially true for the favored White-Wing Dove.

    The price for a typical one-day dove hunt in texas will cost between $100 to $500 per person, depending on the accommodations and if lodging is needed.

  • Central Texas Dove Hunting

    Many hunters in the state agree that Central Texas dove hunting is the best in the state. Areas around San Antonio, like Hondo have become synonymous with the word “Dove”. Dove hunters in Texas just can’t go wrong when choosing a dove hunting guide in Texas within an hour’s drive of San Antonio.

  • North Texas Dove Hunting

    Dove hunting in North Texas is becoming more and more popular as the populations of dove in Texas start expanding to the northern counties. Thanks to the populations expanding dove hunting near Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas is now a possible one-day trip for the cities local hunters.

    Some popular places for dove hunting North Texas are land near Bonham, Sherman, Gainesville, and Wichita Falls.

  • Tips for Dove Hunting Texas

    Dove love to spend their time flying between eating on seed-bearing plants in the morning and watering holes during the evening. During the evening hunters should look for the birds to start flying right before dusk settles in and the dove head in to roost for the night. During the morning hours, chances are if they aren’t flying by 7:30 or 7:45 am then its time to try a different spot.

    The gun you choose will vary depending on your location and what you prefer. A 410 can be used successfully in areas where dove won’t be flying far away from you, while some hunters choose a 20 gauge for its lighter weight since you might be shooting a lot. A 12 gauge with a tight choke on the barrel might be necessary if the dove will be flying at a far distance from you. At the end of the day, it really depends on your preference as a hunter.

    Perhaps more important than the gauge of your shotgun is the size of your shotgun shells. Many hunters will go with the cheaper number 8 shells or even 7.5 with a one-ounce load. Another option is to choose number 9 size shells to gain a larger spread in shorter distance shooting.

    Most importantly is to maintain the position of your fellow hunters and to wear some orange with your clothing so you can easily scene. It’s common for many hunters to share one sunflower field, so it’s important to make sure you stay aware of each other’s locations to avoid crossfire or getting “peppered”. All hunters should make sure they wear the proper eye protection.

  • Dove Hunting Season in Texas

    Labor Day weekend signals hunting season for many hunters in the state of Texas. Dove hunting season in Texas kicks off every year on Septemeber 1st bringing in an estimated 350,000 hunters from all over the state of Texas. During season hunters are allowed to kill 15 of these great tasting birds, per hunter per day.

    In fact, most doves harvested during the season are harvested on the first weekend of dove hunting season in Texas.

    When dove hunting season in Texas is over, many hunters enjoy hog hunting in the state of Texas or duck hunting.


When is dove hunting season in Texas?

The opening of the Dove hunting season in Texas is treated as a holiday for many hunters and typically falls on September 1st for the North and Central Zones. For hunters in the South Zone, you will have to wait a little longer for the birds to migrate south, so typically September 14th is the opening day for dove hunting in the South Zone. Dove hunting season in Texas is treated a lot like duck hunting in Texas and will stop and then start again. The first half of the season will typically end around mid-November and then start back up in late December. The last day of dove hunting season in Texas typically falls around early to mid-January.

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