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About Duck Hunting in Texas

If you’re thinking about taking a shot at duck hunting in Texas there are a few things every duck hunter in Texas should know. The first is experience will make the difference and spending time in your blind on lakes, ponds, fields, and shorelines will pay off for those who are willing to listen, watch, and learn.
  • North Texas Duck Hunting or Duck Hunting Near Dallas

    If you find yourself looking for a duck hunting near Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, you will have plenty of options to choose from. The area between the Red River and Dallas is abundant with ducks flying. This is especially true around the 11,000-acre Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. North Texas Duck Hunting will bring you plenty of mallards and mixed-species to enjoy.

  • East Texas Duck Hunting

    East Texas Duck Hunting is a joy for those looking for a place to hunt in the piney woods of east Texas. The populations of ducks in east Texas have been increasing at a rapid rate over the years, in fact, the populations have never been as large as it is today since the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service began counting the populations of duck and geese.

  • Texas Coastal Duck Hunting

    Hunting Ducks on the Texas Coastline can be a unique and exciting experience. When duck hunting near Corpus Christi you might be standing waist-high in the water amongst mangrove trees 3 to 4 feet tall. The places to duck hunt along the Texas coast are filled with areas of refuge such as the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. The most common species of duck in this part of the state are Redheads, along with widgeon and teal.

  • Duck Hunting Season in Texas

    Before going duck hunting in Texas, hunters will need a basic hunting license and a Texas Migratory Game Bird Stamp Endorsement. Valid HIP certifications and Federal Duck Stamp are also required for people 16 years and older. The seasons can change from year to year and depend on if you're hunting in the North Zone or South Zone. Typically duck hunting season in Texas will start from early November and end in early December, then open up again in middle December and continue throughout the most of January. For more information check with the Texas Department of Wildlife.


When is duck hunting season in Texas?

Before you head out to go duck hunting in Texas you will need to make sure you know when the duck hunting season in Texas is in the zone you plan on hunting. For people near Dallas, the North Zone has a regular-season usually starting in early November and typically ends in early December. Then the North Zone opens back up again in December and continues well into January. For the South Zone, duck hunting season stays roughly the same as the North Zone with some minor changes. The last region in Texas is the High Plains Mallard Management Unit, which should start sometime in late October for a couple of days and then opens back up in early November to the later part of January. For the exact dates, check with the Texas Department and Wildlife.

Where is the best duck hunting in Texas?