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About Texas Hog Hunting

Wildlife experts believe feral hogs were introduced in Texas in the 1700s, ever since then they have been increasing in numbers and are now targetted by Texas hog hunters both for population control and as a cheap way to harvest meat during your hunting trip.

Hogs are fast at reproducing and never stop growing. Feral hogs can weigh between 100 to more than 400 pounds, with females typically the smaller of the two genders. The largest hog ever trapped in Texas weighed close to 800 pounds, with many being killed around the 400-pound range. An interesting fact is their tusks also never stop growing.

Hogs have a life span between four and five years, though some have lived up to around 8 years of age.
  • Best Hog Hunting in Texas

    North Texas, West Texas, East Texas offer some of the best hog hunting in Texas. However, far West Texas, near El Paso, is sparse with feral hogs. Feral hogs live in many different habitats, creeks, river bottoms, and drainage area are some of their favorite.

    To find the best hog hunting in Texas often requires hunters to venture into dense brush and vegetation near water areas, this is especially true during the warmer months of the year. While hogs love water, mud, and dense brush they can also thrive in areas prone to droughts.

    Some of the best hog hunting can be found by learning more about what a hog likes to eat. Hogs in Texas will eat plants or animals and are about as opportunistic as it gets in the animal kingdom. For plants, you will find areas where they have torn up roots, grasses, acorns, and mushrooms. Some of their favorite meat in Texas are insects, worms, reptiles (such as frogs and lizards), and dead animals.

    The Texas Hill Country in an area known as “Sabinal” is the self-proclaimed “Wild Hog Capital of the World”, and even hosts an annual festival, so that’s not a bad place to book a hog hunting trip either!

  • Helicopter Hog Hunting in Texas

    Hog hunting in Texas by helicopter is truly a once in a lifetime hunting trip! Hanging off the side of a fast-moving helicopter with the gun of your choice in your hand is an exhilaration that is hard to beat.

    When you book a hog hunting by helicopter hunting trip your trip will on average last about 2-hours. So while it might be fast action it’s still a great trip for any skill-level and physical shape won’t matter as much as some of your other more taxing hunts, such as Texas Aoudad hunt.

    The price of a helicopter hog hunt will depend on the guide and several other factors, but a typical hunting trip package will start at around $2,500 per shooter and will have a minimum number of shooters ranging from 2 to 4 shooters. Most helicopter hog hunting guides will provide an all-inclusive experience with guns, ammo, and photography. However, we recommend using our messaging system to make sure you are fully prepared for this once in a lifetime experience.

  • Hog Hunting at Night in Texas

    Hog hunting at night in Texas is especially popular during June, July, and August when the sun is beating down on the state of Texas. The most popular methods for hunting hogs at night in Texas are thermal cameras, flashlights, and hunting hogs with dogs.

    Most hog hunting guides in Texas will let you choose the method of harvesting hogs you prefer. Typically you will have a choice from a rifle, assault rifle, pistol, or even a knife or spear.

    Hunting hogs at night is a great way to explore the land and practice your skills between seasons or even between hunts on your guided hunting trip.

  • Texas Hog Hunting Tips

    Hogs are the most active during late evening and early morning hours. When hog hunting in Texas, this can change during the winter when hogs will start to move around more during the early and later afternoon.

    To find hogs on the move we recommend looking for one of three common hog track types. The tracks left by their feet will almost look like deer tracts, but will be wider and have a roundness to their shape. When hogs decide to bed down for the day, or just simply cool off, they will typically dig up dirt near a water source and roll around in the mud. If the place your hog hunting in Texas is near a lot of vegetation then look for signs of rooting where they have uprooted the soil in search of food.

  • Texas Hog Hunting Season

    The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department considers feral hogs in Texas to be an unprotected species and an invasive species, so a dedicated hunting season doesn’t exist for hog hunting in Texas.

    While you can hunt hogs in Texas any day of the year, most hunters prefer to hunt them between their favorite hunting seasons for other animals. Summer is a popular time for hog hunting in Texas for that exact reason. Often times hunters in Texas will add a hog hunt to their deer hunting trip or dove hunting trip. Hog hunting at night in Texas is a great way to enjoy your evening and practice your skills before your hunt in the morning.

  • Texas Hog Hunting Rules

    Hog hunting in Texas does require a general hunting license. Please check with the Texas Parks and Wildlife for the latest rules and regulations for hunting hogs in Texas.

    Hunters can purchase a hunting license online or at a local sporting goods store, such as Walmart.


When is hog hunting season in Texas?

A dedicated hunting season doesn't exist for hunting hogs in TX and that's according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. Feral Hogs are known as a unprotected, exotic, and non-game animals. This also means the state of TX doesn't have any method restrictions and no season or bag limits. However, a hunting license is required for all hunters in the state of Texas, regardless of the species. A popular hunting season for hogs is during hunting season, between the in-season animal hunts and during summer nights to keep your skills sharp.

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