About North Texas Hog Hunts

North Texas hog hunts are the perfect hunting trip for hunters living near Dallas or Fort Worth Texas. The area between Dallas and the border of Oklahoma has some perfect terrain and food sources to make this one of the best places to hunt hogs in Texas.

In under an hour, hunters in Dallas can be tracking hogs with a North Texas hog hunting guide and a few hours later return home with coolers full of meat. It doesn’t get more convenient than that. So book a hog hunting trip today!
  • Popular Hunting Methods

    Hog hunting is encouraged in many states to control the populations and its no different than when hog hunting in North Texas. When heading out for your North Texas hog hunt you can load up your favorite rifle, bow, shotgun, pistol, knife, or even hog hunting dogs.

    Since hunting hogs is a popular time of day to hunt many hunters choose to put on a thermal scope to their favorite rifle. However, you can save some money on equipment and time by trying to research the latest and greatest gear and book a North Texas hog hunt with one of the many hog hunting outfitters in the area. Your hog hunting guide will have everything needed for a successful Texas hunting trip.

  • Helicopter Hog Hunting North Texas

    It doesn’t get much cooler than Helicopter hog hunting North Texas. Hopping aboard a fast-flying helicopter and strapping in before you grab your gun of choice and hang over the edge as you chase wild hogs in the great state of Texas is an exhilarating experience!

    Most helicopter hog hunts will last between 2-3 hours and will cost around $2,500 per shooter. Helicopter hog hunting guides typically have a minimum number of guests needed for a hunting trip, so be sure to check with your North Texas helicopter guide to make sure you have enough guests for the experience. Helicopter hog hunting guides in North Texas will typically include in the cost everything needed for this once in a lifetime adventure.

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  • Tips for Hog Hunting North Texas

    Hog hunting in North Texas often seems easier than it really is and this can end up leaving many hunters frustrated. To find the hogs you need to know the land and their habits in the place you and your buddies are hunting.

    The best time to hunt hogs in North Texas is during the late-night hours or early morning. When winter rolls around your hog hunting guide might recommend a time of day closer to the middle of the day, since hogs in colder weather will tend to move around a little more during the day in the winter.

    Hunters new to the North Texas area will have the most success by booking a North Texas hog hunting guide. The guides will be a huge help in helping you learn the land, the best time to hunt hogs, and the methods they find the most successful. Learning from the pros is a worthwhile investment and can you a lot of time and money in the long run.


How much does it cost to hog hunt in Texas?

The cost of a hog hunt in Texas can range from $100 for a self-guided hog hunt to over $15,000 for a premium hog hunting trip in a helicopter. Often times when you book a trip with a hunting guide they will offer hog hunting at night for free. Check with your hog hunting guide and ask about these opportunities.

Where can I hunt hogs in Texas?

Can you hunt hogs at night in Texas?

What is the best time to hunt hogs in Texas?