About Oklahoma Hog Hunting

Oklahoma hog hunting is some of the best hog hunting in the United States. Wild hogs aren’t native to the United States. In fact, they were introduced hundreds of years ago by the Spanish, since then they have boomed in population numbers, especially throughout the southern states.
  • Best Place to Hog Hunt in Oklahoma

    Hog hunting in Oklahoma is fantastic and hunters can’t go wrong trying to decide on a region in Oklahoma that offers the best place to hunt hogs in Oklahoma. We have noticed that Southern Oklahoma and Northeastern Oklahoma seem to have the most Oklahoma hog hunting outfitters.

  • Popular Hunting Methods

    The most popular methods for Oklahoma hog hunting are rifle, archery, pistol, shotgun, knife, and hunting with dogs. The best method for you to use will depend on the geography of the place your hunting, time of day, and your experience level with each method.

    Many hog hunting guides in Oklahoma prefer to hunt during night time. When hunting hogs at night some Oklahoma hog hunting outfitters will provide thermal scopes on their rifles. Hog hunting with dogs can be a fast-paced and intense experience for any hunter. This method of hunting can be intense, so for a first-time hunter its probably not the best option for your first hunting trip.

  • Oklahoma Hog Hunting Tips

    The state of Oklahoma has a high population of hogs, so wild hog hunting in Oklahoma might seem easy. However, if you haven’t taken the time to learn from an expert, like one of the many Oklahoma hog hunting outfitters in the state, then you could be left without any bacon.

    You’ll need to learn their habits and then find the places to hunt near you that meet as many of their needs as possible.

    Hogs love to move around at night and early morning hours, especially when it’s hot outside. During the winter months, look for hogs to move around during the daytime more than usual. When they do move around they will typically be in a creek bottom or an area of dense vegetation. Hogs love to eat acorns, roots, dead animals, snails, lizards, frogs, and just about anything else that is easily accessible.

  • Oklahoma Hog Hunting Season

    Hunters can enjoy Oklahoma hog hunting year-round. However, hunters will need the proper hunting license for the season you are hunting. For example, if you’re hunting hogs in Oklahoma during deer season, then you would need a license to hunt deer.

    After you have read up on the local rules and regulations and obtained the proper hunting license hunters can harvest as many hogs as they like. In fact, many places to hunt in the United States encourage you to harvest as many hogs as you can, in order to help control the populations.

    For more information on obtaining the proper hunting license, you can check online with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Hunters can purchase a license online or at one of their local sporting goods store, such as Walmart.


Can you spotlight hogs in Oklahoma?

When hunting for hogs at night in Oklahoma, hunters should check with the local game warden before using a spotlight to increase their odds of a success hunt.

How much does it cost to go hog hunting in Oklahoma

What is the best time to hog hunt?

What is the best time to hog hunt?

Where can I hunt hogs in Oklahoma?