About Pronghorn Hunting in Texas

Let’s start off by learning all about the Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana). You might have heard it called a “Pronghorn Antelope”, however, Pronghorn don’t belong to the antelope family and are in a species group of their own.

Pronghorns have followed a similar path as the great American Buffalo. They used to roam the plains, prairies, and panhandle. Unfortunately, the population has declined, like the Buffalo, and now are concentrated in the Panhandle of Texas, near the desert areas along the Trans-Pecos.

Did you know that both females and males can have horns, but the males are the only to routinely prong or branch? When pronghorn hunting in Texas it will be good to know that these beautiful animals are the fasted land animal in North America, reaching speeds topping an amazing 60 miles per hour! Not only can they reach these high speeds, but they can maintain them for an impressively long time.

When booking a trip to go Pronghorn hunting in Texas you shouldn’t be concerned with the cheapest hunt possible, but instead, focus on the host that will provide you with the best access and maximize adventure of Pronghorn hunting in Texas.
  • Tips for a Texas Pronghorn Hunt

    Many hunters try and find themselves a cheap Pronghorn hunt in Texas, but you should do your research and make sure you choose the right gear and have the best guide possible when Pronghorn hunting in Texas.

    You will quickly find out that not only are they fast, but Pronghorns can detect movement up to 4 miles and are able to alert other Pronghorns nearby using their musky odor and their white hump hairs to stand up. In fact, their fellow Pronghorns can detect these stress signals from 1 to 2 miles away.

    When Pronghorn hunting in Texas you don’t need a large caliber rifle for a successful hunting trip. However, what is important is that you have a flatter shooting rifle with at least 120-grain bullets. At a minimum, a .243 will do, but we recommend a .270, .280, or 30-06. Some hunters like to shoot with a 25-06 and that will meet your needs too.

    For clothing, we recommend a lighter weight clothing since Pronghorn hunting in Texas can require a lot of movement and exercise. Ultimately, the weather will determine the best clothing to wear for that day. If you have any questions on what to wear or the best gear to bring ask you Pronghorn hunting guide, that’s what they are there for.

  • Texas Public Pronghorn Hunting

    The area near Marfa and Fort Davis is an excellent place to glass and view these amazing animals on public land.


Where can I Pronghorn hunt in Texas?

The Texas panhandle is home to some of the best Pronghorn hunting in America. You will need a permit for Hunting Pronghorn in Texas.

How much does it cost to go Pronghorn hunting in Texas?

Can a Pronghorn outrun a Cheetah?

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