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About Quail Hunting Texas

Quail is a very popular bird to hunt in the states where they roam the grass-covered grounds. They are beautiful birds with colors of copper, black, white, and often bluish tint. A typical quail will measure about 10 to 12 inches in length, weigh around 5 to 8 ounces, and have a wingspan that's around 15 inches in length.

Many Texas quail hunting guides and outfitters have taken advantage of the fact that quail often spend their entire life on land within a 40-acre area, allowing guides and outfitters to carefully manage their grounds and number of birds for hunters.

Some of the best quail hunting in Texas is located in South Texas and West Texas.
  • Texas Blue Quail Hunting

    Texas blue quail hunting is popular in West Texas and South Texas. The blues will gather near thorny brush and cactus that cover the landscape and can spot and run from a hunter long before they can get into range for a shot.

    To bag your limit while Texas blue quail hunting is an impressive feat for hunters. Hunters will need to brave the harsh conditions of South and West Texas and walk long distances in the harsh brush to have a chance at this feat.

    Texas blue quail can run fast and the most popular method is to drive slowly and try to get as close as you can before shooting them in the road. For this method of Texas blue quail hunting, a four-wheeler is a must.

  • Tips for Hunting Quail in Texas

    Hunters of all experience levels can always review some tips and tricks and see if they can learn something new. While hunters are familiar with quail being commonly found in the United States, they might be surprised to learn that there is plenty of quail, especially bobwhites roaming the state of Texas.

    • Learn the habits of Quail: Quail will tend to lay low to the ground and burrow in the tall grasses and brush to stay protected from a number of predators. In the mornings you can find quail in grazing areas such as pastures and then heading back into the cooler brush as the sun goes down.
    • Where you can find Quail in Texas: Quail are notoriously challenging to spot and even when you do get a glance it isn't for long. The best way to increase your odds of a successful hunt is to not look for the bird itself but to look for the habitat it enjoys.
    • Select the proper gun: Some hunters prefer to use a 410 or 12 gauge shotgun while quail hunting in Texas. A 12 gauge shotgun can be a popular choice when quail hunting in south Texas, but the most popular is a 20 gauge shotgun. The best size shell to use is either a 7.5 or 8 load shotgun shell.
    • Practice your shooting: Upland shooting isn't for the inexperienced. Hunters must learn to walk, stop, and shoot in a smooth motion and at a seconds notice. Make sure to never stop swinging your shotgun, keep your head down on the gun, and lean towards the gun. Most importantly be aware of where other hunters are in the field.
    • Focus on one bird: It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and just shoot amongst the group of birds, thinking that surely you can hit one of them. However, hunters will have the most success picking out one bird at a time and focus until it's dropped. Be patient. A lot of birds can come up in one covey and you will be left empty-handed if you don't take it one at a time.
    • Be patient: Texas quail hunting, like most hunting, requires a good amount of patience. Remember they are prized for a reason. Quail hunting often requires a lot of walking and a very quick glance at the birds before they have flown too far off for a good shot.
    • Trained Dog: Oftentimes it's not the hunting guide, but the hunting guides dog that will help improve your odds of a successful hunt. A great quail hunting dog can also save you a lot of walking from chasing around birds.
  • Quail Hunting Season in Texas

    Quail hunting season in Texas typically runs from Oct 31 to late February in Texas. The season for hunting Quail can change from year to year, so be sure to check with the Texas Department and Wildlife for the most updated season dates.

    Like Dove, Duck, and other birds Quail have a bag limit and possession limit. Bobwhite and Scaled Quail (Blue Quail), and Gambel's quail have open seasons. However, the Montezuma Quail doesn't have an open season. At last check, the daily bag limit is 15 birds and the total possession limit is 45 birds. However, like dates for a season, the bag limits and possession limits can change from year to year.