About Sandhill Crane Hunting Texas

Sandhill Crane hunting in Texas is largely overshadowed in popularity by duck hunting and dove hunting. However, this is by far the best tasting and largest of the three birds. Sandhill Crane can have a wingspan between 4 and 7 feet and hit the scale at an amazing 18 pounds. With that many pounds of great tasting table fare, it's amazing more people hunting in Texas aren’t flocking to the fields with Sandhill Crane on their mind.

When hunting Sandhill Crane in Texas you could be hunting in a field or over water. The location of the birds will depend on their current migration patterns. Your Texas Sandhill Crane hunting guide will know the habits of the birds in your hunting spot.

  • Sandhill Crane Meat

    Hunting Sandhill Crane in Texas is popular largely due to the famous slogan of “Ribeye in the Sky”. The breast and the legs are both delicious and easy to cook. Many Sandhill crane hunters in Texas will compare the flavor of the meat to a cross between duck and pheasant and some will say it tastes a little like pork chops, either way, they all agree it's the best tasting migratory bird in the United States.

  • Sandhill Crane Call

    Sandhill Cranes in Texas give a variety of calls for coordination, fighting calls, and mating. The coordination calls are often loud and squawking sounding calls, while the soft and more of purring sounding calls are for maintaining contact among family groups.

    During mating season, sandhill cranes males use a dramatic dance, while the female will jump into the air and let our deep bow sounds.

  • Sandhill Crane Season in Texas

    The hunting season for Sandhill Crane in Texas is split up by three zones, Zones A, B, and C. The Sandhill Crane hunting zones also have a different bag limit.

    Zone A is located West of US Highway 83 and stops north of IH 35. This zone has a daily bag limit of 3 birds and a possession limit of 9 birds.

    Zone B is located east of US 83, west of IH 35 and north of IH 35. The zone has a daily bag limit of 3 birds and a possession limit of 9 birds.

    Zone C is located east of IH 35 and south of US 290. Zone C has a smaller daily limit of 2 birds and a smaller possession limit of 6 birds, per hunter.

    The hunting spots closed to crane hunting in Texas are the area south of US 87 and east of US 77 is off-limits to hunters, this area is largely known as the Corpus Christi area. Another area is east of IH 35 and north of US 290.

    Sandhill Cranes and the heavily protected Whooping Crane are similar in shape and stature, so be sure to verify the bird's identification before shooting. If you have any doubts about the bird's identification, hunters shouldn't shoot.


How much is a federal Sandhill Crane hunting permit in Texas?

The state of Texas requires sandhill crane hunters to have in their possession a federal sandhill crane hunting permit. The permit is in addition to your basic requirement of having a valid hunting license with a migratory bird endorsement. The Texas Department of Wildlife allows hunters to purchase a Sandhill Crane permit online. However, hunters will be required to pay a$5 shipping and handling fee. It's recommended to purchase your Texas hunting licenses in a bundle when buying online, in order to only be charged the $5 fee one time. To avoid the fee, sandhill crane hunters in Texas can visit one of the Texas Parks and Wildlife offices in person.

How to cook Sandhill Crane?