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About Texas Turkey Hunts

Turkey can be found in an amazing 223 counties in Texas. However, almost 100 years ago turkeys were almost wiped out in the state of Texas due to hunters not following ethical hunting practices and a lack of regulation. Populations of turkey were also affected by the removal of important habitat for this amazing animal. The Texas Wildlife Department has done an excellent job of restoring its populations by implementing rules and regulations for hunters to follow so that the populations keep thriving.

If you have experienced the up-close thrill and challenge of turkey hunting, don’t miss out! Book yourself a Texas Turkey hunt in the spring for a memory of a lifetime.
  • Popular Hunting Methods

    A Texas Turkey hunt can be a challenge. Turkeys have excellent eyes and ears making it one of the toughest animals to hunt in the Lone Star state. Did you know that turkey can pinpoint movement and even locate noises from a mile away?

    So what’s the best method for your Texas turkey hunt? Many hunters choose either a shotgun or bow for harvesting their turkey. Both methods will take some skill. We recommend asking your turkey hunting guide which method they recommend for the scenario you’ll be hunting.

    If you choose to experience your turkey hunt with a shotgun then make sure you have the right gauge of shotgun and the proper choke. You will also want to make sure you have a shotgun that isn’t too flashy, as Turkeys have excellent eyesight and will quickly spot anything that looks out of place.

  • Self Guided Turkey Hunts in Texas

    Self-guided turkey hunts in Texas are one of the more popular options for turkey hunters in Texas. A self-guided turkey hunt will mean your turkey hunting outfitter or guide will provide access to the property and may give you some tips and basic layouts of the land, after that the hunter is on his or her own to find, call, and harvest their turkey.

    The price for a self-guided turkey hunt in Texas will depend on the guide or outfitter. However, prices can range from $200 to more than $2,000. The price of the hunt will depend on lodging options, bird cleaning, and how many birds are included in the hunt.

    Self-guided Turkey hunts in Texas are often the most affordable option for turkey hunters. However, if you haven’t experienced a Texas Turkey hunt before we recommend a guided hunt.

    Having a guide with you during your first Turkey hunting trip will allow you to learn the best habits and practices for your future hunts.

  • South Texas Turkey Hunting

    South Texas Turkey hunting is a wonderful experience. South Texas is famous for its deer, dove, and javelina hunting. However, many hunters are surprised to find the excellent opportunities that exist in the lower sections of the Lone Star State.

    The terrain of South Texas offers a unique challenge for hunters trying to get within range of these excellent hearing and seeing animals. The terrain is known for its rolling hills covered with mesquite trees and cactus with river bottoms located on some of the properties.

    Some popular areas to experience a South Texas Turkey hunt are near San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Kerrville, George West, and Refugio.

  • Texas Turkey Hunting Season in Texas

    Legal Texas Turkey hunting season in Texas will depend on the zone you wish to hunt. Another variable will be factors such as archery or youth hunting seasons. For more information on the hunting seasons in Texas check with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

    All hunters will need to purchase a hunting license online or at the favorite local sporting goods store.