Mike Sabo
Mike Sabo
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Mike Sabo
Mike Sabo

ABOUT M2 Outfitters

Mike Sabo has over 20 years of hunting experience all over the US and has been guiding hunts in Central Texas for 10 years. When he is not tracking an elusive aoudad, he is an accomplished musician and artisan. Matthew Locke is his loyal sidekick learning all the tricks from the master hunter. Sighting, skinning and cooking as one does to learn. When not hunting, he is running his homestead of goats, pigs and chickens. The goal may be meat or a trophy but hunting is about the experience and camaraderie gained during the ups and downs of a hunt. You may not always get that 10 point buck but you will always have the stories and memories. M2 Outfitters will make sure you have the best opportunity to get on your beast of choice and have a great experience the whole time.


A large Aoudad standing proudly on a grassy hill Aoudad
A proud trophy Whitetail deer  with large rack walks through a field of grass during fall Whitetailed Deer
a curious Raccoon walks around the base of tree Raccoon
coyote standing in field spotted while coyote hunting Coyote
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  • location icon Johnson City, Texas
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