Instead, we will support you and your passion for sharing adventures. Technology is changing how the new generation does business. To connect the future to the outdoors we need to make booking in this industry fast, mobile, and more secure. Our buisiness tool incorporates marketing, a complete calendar system, ratings and review, messenging, and secure payment system. Allowing guests to instantly make a decison and send you a booking request, without all of the back and forth and endless searching on forums and numerous social media pages.


Save time with tools like text notifcations for one-click booking acceptance and a tax management system. 
More income with more ways to list your untapped resources, such as your land, boat, ponds, and knowledge.
Save money with no transaction fees and Migrate never charging you during the entire process.
Migrate is fair. We don’t allow outbidding for website space. Location is based on recently booked and added packages.

Payment is simple and secure. Deposits are non-refundable. Your full deposit will arrive 5-7 business days after your approval. You can add additional charges to account for any changes during an adventure. Discounts may be applied, with Migrate encouraging them for our Military, Police, Fire and other service members. You can select at the end of the trip if the remaining balance is a “Paid in Person” or  “Paid with Migrate” transaction.  Migrate will not charge any transaction costs for tipping. Payment security is handled by a world leader in payment technology, Stripe.