We allow you to gain additional income using your untapped resources, such as your land, boat, ponds, knowledge, etc. We save you time with tools like text message notifcations for one-click booking acceptance. We save you money by never costing you money during the entire process. Migrate improves your process with our wide-range of tools. Scroll down for more.


Technology is changing how this generation does business. We respect and understand your current system works pretty well for you and your costs are high, so using Migrate as your business tool is free. Also we don’t allow bigger outfits to outbid you for website space. Website location is based on most recently booked and added packages.

Deposits are non-refundable. Your full deposit will arrive 5-7 business days after approval. Additional add-on charges (trophy hunts, game cleaning, taxidermy, extra guest, etc.) can be applied to account for any changes during an adventure. Discounts may be applied, with Migrate encouraging them for our Military, Police, Fire and other service members. You can select at the end of the trip if the remaining balance is a “Paid in Person” or  “Paid with Migrate” transaction.  Migrate will not charge any transaction costs for tipping. We pay out 5-7 business days after a payment has been made. Payment security is handled by a world leader in payment technology.